Контрольная работа "Wacky Festivals" 5 класс

Form: 5 A
Teacher: Buremenko L.I.
The Theme: Wacky Festivals
The Objectives:
1) To teach pupils new vocabulary, to speak about Wacky Festivals using material of book
2) To develop speaking, reading, listening abilities (skills,habbits)
3) To respect traditions and culture of other people and our own country
1) Good morning, children! Please come up to me and stay in circle. Let`s do a funny exercise.
The Australian rain.
In Australia began wind. ( rub one`s hands)
It started rain. ( snap one`s fingers)
It gets stronger. (clap one`s hands on the breast)
It rains cats and dogs. (clap on hips)
Now, it`s real storm. (stamp one`s legs)
The storm settles down. (clap on hips)
The rain gets calm. (clap one`s hands on the breast)
The wind is getting calm. (rub one`s hands)
Now, please sit down.
2) Today we`ll speak about holidays and traditions of people from other countries and you`ll tell me in what
festival you`re going to take part.
3) Tell me what holidays, we celebrate, do you know? (New Year, Easter, Nauryz, Christmas, Women`s Day,
Army`s Day, Mummy`s Day, St. Valentine`s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, Victory`s Day).
4) And now match the date and holidays in groups then match your answers on the board.( January,1,
March,22, December 25, February,14, October,31, March,8, May,9)
5) Each holiday has it`s own ritual. Now match ritual and holidays. (Giving presents, sending postcards,
painting eggs, baiga, great parad with soldiers).
6) What holidays do you like best and say why?
7) Have you ever taken part in any of these holidays?
8) They`re usual, traditional holidays, but there are also Wacky Festivals. («Wacky» means «Crazy, Unusual»)
9) You`ll learn about 4 Wacky Festivals, working in groups. Each group will read a separate text about
festival, translate it and tell about it to other group in Russian.
Now, come up to me and choose number of your text. I give you 5 min to do it.
10) Each group think of 3 questions, starting with words: What? When? Where? (3 min)
Answers (5 min)
11) Exchange your questions with other groups. Answer these questions. I`ll give you 5 min
12) Let`s check up your answers. Read it.
13) Reflection: Now, I`ll give you these cards with questions and you`ll write your opinion about this lesson.
1) What you have learnt?
2) What festival you`re going to take part?
14) And your home task will be: to find information about other wacky festivals all over the world.
The lesson is over. Good Bye!