Презентация "AT THE AIRPORT" 6 класс

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AT THE AIRPORT When do we need it?


[t]-train, travel, ticket, tourist

[p]-passenger, plane,passport

[aΙ]- fly, arrivals, flight, find

[l]-, plane, travelling,land

[b]-boat, bicycle,baggage

[d]-adventure, delay, departure

[g]- gate,guard,baggage,ground

[ʤ] – passenger, engine,emergency

 The Beaches of Mexico

Have you ever seen the …. of Mexico?

Have you ever walked the … of San Juan?

Have you ever been to …?

Have you ever been to Spain?

Have you ever …. ….. in a heavy rain?

Have you ever been in … ?

Have you ever been in … ?

Have you ever been in … ?

Would you do it all again?

Well, I've never seen the beaches of Mexico.

I've never walked the streets of San Juan.

I've never been to Haiti.

I've never been to Spain.

I've never walked barefoot

in a heavy rain.

But I've sure been in trouble,

I've sure been in pain,

I've sure been in love,

I'd_do it all again.

Answer the questions

1 Do you like airports? Why? / Why not?

2 What does a flight attendant do?

3 What does a security guard do?

4 Would you like to be a pilot? Why? / Why not?

5 Why are security guards important at an airport?

6 Which job is more important: a security guard or a mechanic? Why?

Match the words and their definitions



Boarding pass




Flight attendant

  • flights that are landing at this
  • airport

  •  the ticket you give at the gates
  •  bags and cases.
  •  show your ticket and hand
  • in your baggage

  • to leave the ground and start to fly
  • flights that are leaving this airport
  • explains passengers how to stay
  • safe on the plane and serves food

    and drinks

Imagine you do one of the following jobs. Talk about it using the following ideas.




flight attendant

security guard




easy / difficult (why?)

enjoyable / boring (why?)

tiring / easy (why?)

travelling? (how much?)

important / not important (why?)


Wait at the gate

Show your passport

Check in at the desk

Arrive at the airport

Take off in the plane

Go through security

Put the pictures in the correct order