Презентация "My native village" 8 класс

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My native village


It’s a wonderful place we live in! It is our native village Atlasovo. The country air is clean and fresh. The river Kamchatka is not far from Atlasovo Land, water, air are important for flowers,trees,ani-mals,birds,fish and people. But what’s happening now? . There are many places on our village that need immediate help. For many years trees have been cutting down. So we can see that our forest is polluted with broken trees. The river Kamchatka is now empty of fish, because it is polluted with different wastes. People leave the fire,so the forest is destroyed , animals, birds are disturbed. . When we have a rest in the forest or near the river we must think about every tree, flower, we mustn’t leave tins, bottles, papers after our picnic. We can see wastes everywhere. Most of the countryside is spoiled. We are, the generation of the 21st century must make the world a better place. Let’s start with our gardens and streets, Protect wildlife, plants, insects and trees. Taking care of our native village is everybody’s business!
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