Презентация "Викторина "STALINGRAD BATTLE"" 6-7 класс

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English teacher: Valeria Kulundary

The date of beginning of the Stalingrad battle:

a. August 23, 1942

b. July 17, 1942

c. November 19, 1942

The end date of the Stalingrad battle:

a. January 3, 1945

b. July 17, 1942

c. February 2, 1943

How many days did the Stalingrad battle continue?

a. 200 days and nights

b. 500 days and nights

c. 360 days and nights

What is the most important and highest point of Russia during the Stalingrad battle?

The height of Mamaev Kurgan (Hill)?

a. 100 meters

b. 205 meters

c. 102 meters

The name of this house?

The previous and modern name of Stalingrad?