Конспект урока "How to make our native land tidy"

How to make our native land tidy?
Every summer my family goes on a camping trip to one of the Volga river
islands. We spend some weeks practically in the open air, apart from a noisy
town. We sleep in tents, cook food on the open fire and admire the beauty of
our native land. I really enjoy our river Volga and at first you can hardly believe
that such amazing sights really exist. They look like a fairytale land.
But there is a problem. Each year it becomes more and more difficult to find
a tidy place. More often the islands look like this…
And we begin with tidying up the territory.
As I watched my parents collecting some kind of litter into plastic bags and
taking away from the island and at the same time another litter into the soil with
wet sand, I got some questions: «Why not to bury all the waste into the pit?»
«What does happen with the litter in the soil ?» «What does happen with the
litter in the town
When I asked adults about it my farther explained that there is different kind
of waste: organic and non-organic.
We can bury organic litter and we should take away non-organic one.
I’ve learnt from books and the internet that a city dweller throws away about
360 kg of waste a year.
The questions is how to avoid total pollution and not to be drowned under
the heaps of rubbish.
The answer is obvious we should utilize it in some way.
The rubbish utilization is one of the most important problems of the
modern world.
Nowadays there are only three principal ways of utilization:
to burn wastes
to recycle wastes
to arrange dumps
The safest way, recycling is widespread in many western countries. But
there are also some problems connected with it. Firstly litter should be sorted
(before it will be taken to the recycling plants). So people should have different
containers to separate kinds of litter: paper, plastic, glass, metal and others.
There should also be different bins for litter in the streets.
Why can’t we bury non-organic litter? To find out the answer to this question
we made an experiment.
We buried potato peelings, a piece of paper, a leaf of a plant, a plastic tube
into a container with soil. We watched and in two weeks it turned up that plastic
hadn’t changed at all while the other litter had been practically deteriorated.
So we know that a lot of kinds of waste may pollute and poison our
environment. It does not only make our land ugly but also can be very
dangerous for our health.
That’s why, when we stay on the islands, we bury organic waste and take
plastic and glass bottles, cans and other non-organic litter with us.
But how to make our town cleaner. As I have already said the best way is
to recycle wastes.
There are some icons (signs) that are used to mark ecologically pure
products and things that can be recycles.
You can see this sign with different captions:
«Keep your country tidy» or simply «Gracias» - «thank you»
Our proposals:
To pay attention to the international signs on the packages.
Not to throw away rubbish (in an inappropriate places) in the streets
To sort litter and to use special bins for different kinds of waste.
Do you like living on a damp?
What kind of planet do you choose?
Think about who will live on the Earth after us!