Презентация "Environment: What can we do?" 7 класс

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Environment : What can we do?
  • We can plant a tree.
  • We can save water.
  • We can use bicycle more often.
  • We can use recycling bin.
  • We can clean out the coast and forests.
  • We can use textile bags instead plastic bags.
How to plant a tree?
  • Read about trees, which grow in your area
  • Choose a tree you want to plant
  • Find a good place for it.
  • Ask your parents or teachers for help.
  • Find the information – how to take care of this tree.
How much water do we need?
  • We open the tap in the kitchen and there is water. We take a bath or wash the dishes and never think where is our water from. We must learn to save water now for the future. And the quality of our water is very important.
Bicycle !
  • Cars burn petrol , but bicycle “burns” the calories! If you use bicycle you will feel good and you will keep the environment clean! Of course it’s better to ride the bicycle in the right places and you should know the rules !
Electricity! Green peace, WWF and other organizations. To sum up….