Внеклассное мероприятие "In the animal world"

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку
«In the animal world»
Предмет: английский язык
Тема: «In the animal world»
Целевая аудитория: обучающиеся в составе 25-30 чел.
Цель: формирование лексических навыков в разнообразных видах деятельности по
теме “Animals”, организация его практического применения.
1. Практические:
Организовать тренировку лексики по данной теме; грамматической
структуры “ asas…”; “It used to be …”
Совершенствовать фонетический навык, навык чтения вслух с извлечением
частичной и полной информации;
Активизировать грамматический материал Singular and plural of nouns”.
Отрабатывать навык аудирования.
2. Развивающие:
Развивать словесно – логическое мышление;
Развивать произвольное внимание;
Развивать речь обучающихся на иностранном языке.
3. Воспитывающие:
Воспитывать интерес к изучению английского языка;
Воспитывать активность обучающихся в различных видах деятельности.
Оборудование: иллюстрации диких и домашних животных; компьютерная
презентация «The World of Animals»; диск программы “Way Ahead”.
Ход урока:
1. Орг.момент. Сообщение темы, задач урока.
Good day, boys and girls! Take your seats!
Let’s begin our English lesson. Today we’re going to have an interesting lesson
about animals. (тема на доске: “The World of Animals”)
2. Речевая, фонетическая разминка. Тренировка лексики по теме.
Warming up.
Task 1: Listen and clap your hands when you hear
the words on the topic Animals.
a monkey, sheep, a pencil, an elephant, a car, a calf,
family, a bear, a book, a hedgehog, a boy, a tiger,
Mother, a goat, a cow, a pen, men, a horse, a lion, Zoo, a wolf, a zebra.
Task 2: What two types of animals do you know? (Domestic and Wild).
Look at the pictures on the blackboard. Name me DOMESTIC and then WILD animals.
Task 3: Listen to me attentively and try to guess the riddles about animals.
1. I am big. I am grey. My nose is long. My tail is short. I am … ( an elephant)
2. It’s a big animal. It eats grass. It gives milk. What is it? ( a cow)
3. It is brown. It has got four legs. It sleeps in winter. What is it? (a bear)
4. It’s green animal. It can swim and jump. It likes to eat flies. What is it? ( a frog)
5. It’s grey or white. It likes to eat carrots and cabbage. It can run and jump. What is it?
(a hare)
6. I am little. I am grey. My nose is short. My tail is long. I am a … . (mouse)
Teacher: WELL DONE, Thank you! Look at the screen. Let’s read and guess these
3. Основная часть урока, работа с презентацией, отработка навыков чтения,
тренировка лексики по теме.
Task 4: Read and guess these riddles.
1) This animal is a mammal (млекопитающее). It lives in Africa and Asia. It doesn’t
eat meat, it only eats fruit, leaves and grass. The animal lives for about 60 years. It’s
grey and very big. (an elephant)
2) This animal is a reptile. It lives in water. It has got four legs and sharp teeth. This
animal eats fish, meat and sometimes people. It’ s green and very dangerous.
(a crocodile)
3) This animal is a mammal. It is big and fast. It lives in Asia. The animal eats meat. It
sleeps during the day and hunts at night like a cat. It can run, jump, climb and swim.
(a tiger)
Task 5: Find odd (лишнее) word. Choose the animal or bird which doesn’t belong to
the group. Why do you think so?
1. Wolf, fox, cow, hyena. (cow)
2. Eagle, chicken, owl, hawk. (chicken)
3. Tiger, lion, horse, leopard. (horse)
4. Gorilla, sheep, monkey, chimpanzee. (sheep)
5. Snake, lizard, crocodile, duck (duck)
Task 6: Sort all these words into categories.
BIRDS OF PREY:(хищные птицы) eagle, hawk, owl
REPTILES:(рептилии) snake, lizard, crocodile
BIG CATS:( кошачьи) tiger, lion, leopard
APES: (человекообразные) gorilla, chimpanzee, monkey
DOGS: (собачьи) wolf, fox, hyena
FARM ANIMALS: (животные фермы) cow, chicken, horse, sheep, duck
4. Отработка навыка письма. Работа в тетради, а затем у доски.
Open your copy-books, write these names of animals in right letters.
Task 7: Anagrams. What are these animals?
5.Тренировка лексики по теме.
Активизация грамматической структуры asas
Task 8: English sayings.
Match two columns and you’ll get some English sayings.
1. As busy as … a bee.
2. As brave as… a lion.
3. As strong as… a horse.
4. As fat as … a pig.
5. As wise as … an owl.
6. As stubborn (упрямый) as … a donkey.
7. As cunning as… a fox.
Task 9. Read these sentences. Fill in the gaps.
1) My friend Tom has many activities every day. He is as as . (as busy as
a bee)
2) My elder brother isn’t afraid of hooligans. He is as … as a … .
(as brave as a lion)
3) Look! He is carrying heavy cases.
Yes, my father is as … as … . (as strong as a horse).
4) Our teacher knows very much. She is as … as an … . (as wise as an owl)
5) Betty is as … as a … . She doesn’t want to listen and understand us.
(as stubborn as a donkey)
Task 10. Animals have babies. Match the names of animals with their babies.
(на слайде во второй колонке слова перемешаны).
1. A cat a kitten
2. A cow a calf
3. A pig a piglet
4. A bear a cub
5. A sheep a lamb
6. A goat a kid
7. A dog a puppy
8. A mouse a mouse
9. A duck a duckling
10. A hen