Тест "Reading. Patridge’s Almanac"

Read the text and do the tasks below.
Patridge’ s Almanac
Many years ago there lived a man in London whose name was Patridge. A lot of people
knew him because he wrote almanacs where he predicted the weather for each day of the year.
Once he decided to visit one of his friends who lived in the
He left London early in the morning and in a few hours he stopped at a small hotel to have
dinner and rest a little. As he wanted to see his friend he didn't stay in the hotel for a long time.
When he was ready to go, the receptionist said to him, "Don't go out! It will rain." "No, I am
sure it will not," said Patridge and left the hotel.
But very soon it began to rain. "How did the receptionist know it?" he thought. "I must
return and ask him. It will help me to write my almanac."
The receptionist met him at the hotel. Patridge gave him some money and asked him, "How
can you predict the weather so well?" "Oh, we have Patridge's almanac, and when this Patridge
says that the weather will be fine we always know that it will rain. Today it is July 20th, and the
almanac says “ Fine weather, no rain ."
A. Write down whether the following statements are true or false.
1. Mr Patridge was popular because of his almanac.
2. One day he decided to find new material for his book.
3. The receptionist recognized him.
4. Mr Patridge decided to speak with the receptionist because he thought that this talk would
help him.
B. Answer the following questions.
1. Why did a lot of people know Mr Patridge ?
2. Why did he decide to go to the country one day?
3. How long was he going to stay at the hotel?
4.Why did the receptionist recommend him not to leave the hotel?
5.How could the receptionist predict the weather so well?