Тест "My friend" 6 класс

My friend. (6 класс)
Tanya is my classmate. She is a Russian girl. She is in the
fifth form. She is a student of School Number 44.
Tanya is young, she is twelve years old. She is a bit taller
than me. She looks like her mother. She is pretty. Tanya is a
thin girl with large brown eyes. Her hair is fair, long and
straight. Her face is oval and her nose is turned-up. She wants
to look like all the models.
Tanya likes wearing smart things: bright blouses and
skirts. She is always well dressed. She doesn't like jeans.
Tanya is a good friend. She never gossips. Everyone loves
her. She is clever, honest and kind. She always tells the truth.
She has a good sense of humour. She knows a lot of interesting
and funny stories.
She does well at school. She always does her homework.
She is very good at English and math. Tanya plays the piano
very well. I think she is very talented.
I am happy to have such a friend as Tanya.
1. Here are some statements. Are they TRUE or
1) Tanya is in the 5 form.
2) She is a student of School Number thirty four.
3) She likes wearing bright blouses and trousers.
4) She likes jeans.
5) She is a good student.
6) Tanya is 12.
2. Ask questions to this sentence.
Tanya likes wearing smart things.
3. Translate from Russian into English.
Немного выше; она похожа; она всегда хорошо одета;
все любят ее; она никогда не сплетничает; правда; я
думаю, что она...; хорошее чувство юмора;
двенадцать;' худенькая.
4. Which word doesn't belong according to the
1)Pretty, clever, homework, honest
2)Jeans, blouses, skirts, thin
3)Face, nose, hair, large, eyes
4)Kind, straight, turned-up, long, oval
5)Classmate, school, form, number