Тест "«Проверь себя». «Разделительные вопросы»" 6 класс

Класс: 6
Дата проведения:
Тема урока: Тест № 1«Проверь себя». «Разделительные вопросы»
Цель: контроль сформированности лексико-грамматических навыков, навыков чтения,
письма и аудирования.
Listen to the story about a boy and answer the questions.
1) What’s his name?
2) Is he British?
3) Where does he live?
4) What does his family do in the evenings?
5) What class is he in?
6) Does he like school?
7) Who is his best friend?
8) Who is his favourite teacher?
1. Read the articles and match them with the names. Be careful: there are four names, but
only three articles.
A French actress
A students’ demonstration
A big surprise
Whose name is “Paris”?
1 Mary Parson, a famous actress, is going to visit France today. Her new film “Paris” is an
international hit, but this visit to France is the first for Mary. Is it possible? Yes! Mary lives in
the USA and never visits Europe. Her film “Paris” is not about a city, it’s the name of a horse.
2 London students are planning a demonstration on Thursday, 1 October. They want more
money for their teachers. The students are going to start near Trafalgar Square and go all the way
towards the Houses of Parliament. Oxford and Cambridge students are going to join the
demonstration in the afternoon on the same day.
3 We’ve got great news from France. British film the “Wonder” got the first prize in Cannes.
This film is about a teenage girl from India who comes to visit her relatives in London gets lost
for 24 hours. This prize is a big surprise for a young Indian actress who is only thirteen. It is her
first film, but we hope more wonderful films will follow soon.
2. Write five tag questions to one of the articles.
3. Write 4-7 sentences about your best friend and get ready to talk about him / her in class.
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