Grammar Test 6 класс

6 класс
Grammar Test
1) It … hard now.
a) is snowing
b) was snowing
c) snows
2) The sun … when we came to
the river.
a) is shining
b) was shining
c) shone
3) I … Ann for 5 years.
a) know
b) have known
c) knew
4) I … English for 5 years.
a) have been learning
b) have learnt
c) learnt
5) The letter … tomorrow.
a) will post
b) is posted
c) will be posted
6) The story …
a) must finish
b) must be finished
c) be finished
7) Mr. Brown lives in London.
a) So does I.
b) So do I.
c) So can I.
8) He won’t go to Paris in
a) Neither won’t Ann.
b) Neither Ann will.
c) Neither will Ann.
9) Most people … in Scotland
are called Scots.
a) living
b) lived
c) will live
10) Mother never …
a) makes us to wash up
b) make us wash up
c) makes us wash up
11) I saw Mother … a pie.
a) cooking
b) cooks
c) to cook
12) My father … the letter by
that time.
a) had written
b) have written
c) wrote