Контрольная работа "Письмо другу" 5 класс

I. А. Use of English. Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in
1. My father 1. ______ (work) on a farm in the country. He 2. ______ (start) his
job twenty years ago. I think he 3. ____________ (stay) here for more years. At
the moment he 4. _____________ (learn) how to use a computer. Every day he
5. ______ (travel) to work by car. At the moment he 6. _______ (save) money to
buy a tractor. He already 7. ______ (save) 100 dollars.
B. Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple or the past continuous.
Ben and Sasha 8. _________ (walk) to the park yesterday afternoon when
suddenly it
9. ___________ (begin) raining. So they quickly 10. _________ (run) to the bus
shelter. They
11. ________(want) to wait there. Soon it 12 . _______ (stop) raining.
II. Vocabulary. Read the story and choose the best word (A,B or C) for each gap.
A hundred years ago a lot of people moved to the towns and 1._______ because
there wasn’t
2.________ work in the villages. The population in the towns 3.________ and
soon there were 4._________ people in towns. There weren’t enough houses and
soon many people were hungry because there wasn’t enough 5.__________ for
These days we have a 6.__________ problem. A lot of people want to live in the
7._________ and they drive into town every day so there is too much 8.
___________ and the pollution is 9.________ .
1. A places B countries C cities
2. A enough B a lot of C many
3. A flew B blew C grew
4. A too many B too much C few
5. A meals B food C crops
6. A wonderful B different C traditional
7. A outside B village C countryside
8. A traffic B cars C drivers
9. A hard B low C terrible
You had a hard day yesterday. Write an e-mail to your English pen friend, called Ben and tell him
about the things you did yesterday. Don’t forget: to address your friend;
to tell him/ her where you went;
to tell him /her what you did and saw;
to write how you felt;
to sign your message.
Write 55 60 words. You have 20 minutes to do the task.