Тест по английскому языку по итогом года 10 класс

Task 1: Find the odd word:
1. A) judo B) karate C) football D) gardening
2. A) T-shirt B) waistcoat C) shoes D) blazer
3. A) lucky B) upset C) annoyed D) nervous
4. A) chin B) eyebrow C) mouth D) arm
5. A) advanced B) prehistoric C) ancient D) primitive
Task 2: Fill in the gap with the correct word:
6. What time does the train arrive … London?
A) on B) into C) in D) at
7. I felt as if I … flying with happiness.
A) am B) were C) is D) was
8. I wish I … this at school.
А) had learned B) to learn C) am learning D) will learn
9. I came to the theatre … time to buy a ticket to the show.
A) in B) at C) about D) on
10. I … all of you to pass the exam successfully.
A) wait B) know C) expect D) hope
11. The telephone is a wonderful … .
А) equipment B) invention C) design D) discovery
12. He … us not to be late.
A) noticed B) said C) spoke D) told
13. You need to do this test in absolutely the same way … the previous one.
A) as B) like C) how D) about
14. In this economic situation, I am not sure we can … a new house.
A)share B) take C) pay D) afford
15. The delay was … .
A) inavoidable B) unavoidable C) ilavoidable D) imavoidable
Task 3: Choose the correct translation:
16. Едва я успел войти в класс, как урок начался.
A) No sooner I entered the class when the lesson began.
B) No sooner had I entered the class when the lesson began.
C) No sooner I enter the class when the lesson began.
D) No sooner entered I the class when the lesson began
17. Если бы я позвонил Дэвиду, я бы узнал про школьную поездку.
A) If I call David, I would have learnt about the school trip.
B) If I had called David, I would learn about the school trip.
C) If I called David, I would learn about the school trip.
D) If I had called David, I would have learnt about the school trip.
18. Она всегда ездит к бабушке на поезде.
A) She always goes to her grandmother by train.
B) She always goes to her grandmother at train.
C) She always goes to her grandmother on train.
D) She always goes to her grandmother in train.
19. Мы сделали перерыв, чтобы пообедать, когда он позвонил.
A) We stopped eating lunch when he called.
B) We made a break when he called.
C) We stopped to eat lunch when he called/
D) We stopped dining when he called.
20. Мы уже привыкли вставать рано.
A) We got used to getting up early.
B) We used to getting up early.
C) We’ve got used to get up early.
D) We’ve got used to getting up early.
Task 4: Choose the right variant:
21. ____ beef is a kind of ____ meat.
A) The, the B) A, the C) The, D) ,
22. . I’m really angry ____ you!
A) with B) about C) on D) over
23. My father has lived in Japan ____ five years.
A) at B) on C) in D) for
24. I’ll be on vacation ____ next week.
A) on B) C) at D) in
25. Can you tell ____ not to be so rude?
A) he B) him C). himself D) his
26. ____ wasn’t easy to find your house.
A) There B) This C) That D) It
27. The news he told us ____ interesting.
A) was B) were C) be D) are
28. What is the ____ important invention in the twentieth century?
A) much B) more C) most D) much more0
29. This bank of the river isn’t ____ that one.
A) more beautiful B) beautiful C) so beautiful D) as beautiful as
30. You look much ____ today.
A) good B) better C) the best D) best
31. No letters again! ____ has written to me for a month.
A) Anybody B) Somebody C) Some D) Nobody
32. Aunts, uncles and cousins are ____.
A) relatives B) parents C) families D) neighbours
Task 5: Transform the words in brackets:
A Weekend Getaway
On Friday, Brett(1)_______(decide) that it would be nice to go camping with his best friend
James to Toad Island for weekend. Ye went over to James’ house. James (2)_____(play) football
with his brother. “Hey, James! Would you like to go camping tomorrow? The
weather(3)_____(be) good!” shouted Brett. “I would love to. What time(4)______(think) you of
leaving?’ asked Brett. “Oh, I don’t know. What about 6.30 am?” answered Brett. “Wow! That’s
early! Let me ask my parents. I (5)_____(call) you,” said James. James told his mum about the
camping trip. “I’m afraid you can’t go. We (6)______(buy) tickets to go to Shortland Safari Park
for the weekend,’ replied his mum. “Well, can I invite Brett along? I’m sure he (7)_____(love) to
come,” James asked. “Sure, ask him along. Tell him to be here by 10 am,” said his mum. “A
more civilized time,” said James as he walked towards the phone.
Cycling Across the Ocean
‘The Subhuman Project’ is one man’s dream to cycle 3,700 kilometres just below the surface of
the Atlantic Ocean in a pedal-power submarine. The man is Ted Ciamillo, an engineer,
(8)_____(invent) and entrepreneur, who says that he hopes to make the journey in just fifty days.
Ciamillo will pedal two metres below the ocean surface for 6 hours each day. He will breathe
through a(n)(9)______(special) designed snorkel or, for deeper dives, through a scuba system. At
night, he will come up to the surface and sleep in a tent erected on top of the submarine.
(10)______(power) cameras mounted on the submarine will record everything from huge whales
to tiny plankton. They will even capture(11)_______(pollute) such as floating rubbish. Naturally,
marine biologists are excited by the large amount of data Ciamillo could gather for them on
his(12)______(cross). Once a day, Ciamillo, will meet with a support boat that will follow him
for his entire journey to replace dead batteries, air cylinders and other (13)_____(equip).
Task 6: Choose the right variant:
The Best Season
Most people say they prefer spring to summer, but early autumn is the time when I most want to
be in England. Surprisingly, the weather is often better in September and October than it is in
the(14)______of summer. This is really the time to get out and enjoy the beauty of the English
countryside. Already the children have(15)_____to school and, with fewer people
looking(16)____hotel room, accommodation is a lot less(17)______than in the summer season.
At this time of the year, you will find that the English woods and forests are breathtakingly
beautiful. Few things are more enjoyable than(18)_____slowly through an English wood on a
sunny morning in early autumn, walking(19)____a crisp carpet of falling orange, gold and brown
leaves in the still, cool air. The world seems at(20)_____when the weather is like this and I
always feel relaxed in a golden English wood in autumn.
14. a)close b)middle c)period d)time
15. a)returned b)departed c)attended d)left
16. a)at b)for c)from d)to
17. a)wealthy b)valuable c)rich d)expensive
18. a)striding b)marching c)strolling d)racing
19. a)across b)by c)through d)away
20. a)calm b)peace c)comfort d)happiness
Ответы к заданиям экзаменационного теста для 10 класса
1. D
2. B
3. A
4. D
5. A
6. C
7. B
8. A
9. A
10. C
11. B
12. D
13. A
14. D
15. B
16. B
17. D
18. A
19. C
20. A
21. D
22. . A
23. D
24. B
25. B
26. D
27. A
28. C
29. D
30. B
31. D
32. A
Task 5: 1- decided, 2- was playing, 3- is going to be, 4- are you thinking, 5- will call, 6- have
bought, 7- would love, 8- inventor, 9- specially, 10- powerful, 11- pollution, 12- crossing, 13-
Task 6: 14- middle, 15- returned, 16- for, 17- expensive, 18- strolling, 19- across, 20- peace
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