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The Future Olympics
  • Welcome to the 3000
  • Olympic Games
  • Творческий проект по английскому языку “The Future Olympics. Welcome to the 3000 Olympic Games”
  • Автор работы - Иванова Елена Игоревна
  • Место работы, должность – МКОУСОШ № 39 города Тулы, учитель английского языка
  • Участники - учащиеся 5 класса
  • Проблемные вопросы-
  • Will the Olympic Games exist in 3000?
  • Will the Olympic traditions change?
  • What Olympic Awards will be in 3000?
  • What new sports will be in the Olympic programme?
  • Главная цель данной работы - изучить историю и символику Олимпийских игр и спрогнозировать, как Олимпийские игры изменятся к 3000 году
  • Задачи данной работы-
  • Собрать и изучить материалы по данной проблеме
  • Проанализировать уже имеющуюся информацию по Олимпийским играм
  • Придумать символику будущих Олимпийских игр, награды, новые виды спорта в программе олимпийских игр
  • Отобрать необходимую информацию и организовать ее по разделам проекта
  • Подготовить презентационный материал
Will the Olympic Games exist in 3000?
  • We think that the Olympic Games will exist in
  • 3000. And we believe that Russia will host the Olympic Games, because our Motherland is the country of bravery. Russia is a fascinating
  • country.
Will the Olympic traditions change?
  • we decided that the flag of the Future Olympic Games will not change.
As Russia will be the capital of the Olympic Games, we designed a new Olympic emblem. The motto of the Olympic Games is Citius, Altius, Fortius , which is Latin for "Faster, Higher, Stronger" The motto may sound like The Olympic mascot is a character, usually an animal native to the area We decided to draw people’s attention to the nature’s problems. we consider a birch tree to be the mascot of The Future Olympic Games. What Olympic Awards will be in 3000?
  • From 1928 until 2000, the obverse side of the medals contained an image of Nike, the traditional goddess of victory, holding a palm in her left hand and a winners crown in her right.
In 2004, the obverse side of the medals changed In this design, the goddess Nike flies into the Panathenic stadium, reflecting the renewal of the games. We think that gold and silver will not be the most expensive metals and instead of it sportsmen will be awarded by stones from the Moon, Jupiter or Mars Olympic emblems of different Games may also change We chose a new emblem for weightlifting: What new sports will be in the Olympic programme?
  • Underwater hockey
  • Basic rules: two teams (six people in each team). They play with the puck at the bottom of a swimming pool. A game is broken into 2 times (15 minutes for each time)
  • Equipment and special clothes: the plastic sticks (30,5 sm in length), a puck, a mask, a tube, gloves and a swimsuit.
Underwater hockey Chess-boxing
  • Basic rules: 11 rounds, thus six of them are given to chess, and five - to boxing. The last round is chess. Each round lasts 4 minutes. In boxing each round lasts for 2 minutes. Between the rounds there is 1 minute pause for the sportsmen to put on or put off boxing gloves.
  • Equipment and special clothes: boxing gloves, a set for playing chess.
Chess-boxing Sports bath
  • Basic rules: the constant temperature in a bath is 110 degrees. Sportsmen are not allowed to lay in the bath or lean on the walls. The participants should manage to leave a sauna independently.
  • Equipment and special clothes: not needed
Sports bath
  • Thank you for your attention
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