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The 2014 Winter Olympics Quiz 1. When was Sochi elected to be the host of 2014 Winter Olympics? a) in 2010 b) in 2008 c) in 2004 d) in 2007 2. When did the opening ceremony take place? a) At 8 pm on February 7, 2014. b) At 8.15 pm on February 17, 2014. c) At 8.14 pm on February 7, 2014. d) At 8.14 am on February 7, 2014. 3. How many winter sport disciplines were being held during the Games? a)14 b)15 c)18 d)12 4. What winter sport discipline was NOT included in the program? a) women's ski jumping b) half-pipe skiing c) mixed-team figure skating d)ice swimming 5. Sochi is the … city to host a Winter Olympic Games. a)smallest b)youngest c) warmest d)most expensive 6. The Sochi Olympic Park was built by … coast. a) the Caspian Sea b) the Black Sea c) the Baltic Sea d) the White Sea 7. Match the place with the sport
  • Laura
  • Biathlon & Ski Complex

2) Rosa Khutor Extreme Park

B) Alpine skiing

3) Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort

C) Ski jumping and Nordic combined

4) Sliding Center Sanki

D) Freestyle skiing and Snowboarding

5) RusSki Gorki Jumping Center

E) Bobsleigh, Luge and Skeleton

8. What is the Games' official slogan? a) "Hot. Cool. Yours." b) "Heated. Cool. Yours." c) “Wintry. Cool. Yours." d) “Hot. Cold. Yours.” 9. How many nations were qualified to compete? a)64 b)88 c)73 d)41 10. Those who had won gold medals on 15 February received special medals with fragments of … . a)the Chelyabinsk meteorite b)brilliants c)the Sochi's pearls d)platinum Have a break! Ответы: 1. d) in 2007 2. c) At 8.14 pm on February 7, 2014 3. b)15 4. d)ice swimming 5. c) warmest 6. b) the Black Sea 7. 1-A 2-D 3-B 4-E 5-C 8. a) "Hot. Cool. Yours." 9. b)88 10. a)the Chelyabinsk meteor