Конспект урока "The unique and amazing Oceanarium"

Тема «The unique and amazing Oceanarium»
Королевская И.В.,
учитель английского языка МБОУ «СОШ №5
Надеждинского района»
The unique and amazing Oceanarium
The subject of my discussion is «The unique and amazing Maritime
Museum». I’ve chosen this topic because it is cognitive and very
interesting. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nastia. I’m glad to
see you. Today I am your guide. All right, so we are on a visit to the
astonishing Oceanarium.
It is one of the best sights of Vladivostok. The Oceanarium is a
wonderful exhibition. It shows the beauty and mystery of our nature. The
Maritime Museum was opened in 1991. It has two exposition halls which
general area makes more than 1500 sq.m. They are the museum exhibits
and alive exposition.
The museum part includes the inhabitants of the seas and coasts of the
Far East. The underwater animals live here: sharks and morays,
triggerfishes and doctorfishes, funny cowfishes and even allmouth. You
can see corals, sea stars, turtles and many other inhabitants of the
underwater kingdom.
As for me, I fell in love with the funny octopus and coloured corals.
How beautiful and charming they are! The guests of the Oceanarium will be
able to get acquainted with the jelly-fishes, crabs and lobsters.
But it isn’t all that the Oceanarium can boast of. In addition to the
underwater life you can see birds, reptiles and stuffed animals: the
walruses and seals.
It is necessary to say that the exposition is constantly updated. More than
60 aquariums are placed in the exposition and laboratories. The
Oceanarium is a modern laboratory for scientific researches. This museum
is visited with 200 thousand inhabitants and visitors of Vladivostok every