Конспект урока "Тематические парки"

Учитель английского языка Голицынской СОШ 2 Акимова Галина
Тема урока « Тематические парки»
Цели:-владение лексическими единицами и грамматическими структурами при
обсуждении темы
Задачи урока:
Образовательные: 1.Обобщить изученную лексику по теме «Тематические парки
мира» активизировать в речи Present Perfect tense. навыки коммуникации в
предложенной ситуации.
Развивающие: проверить умение работать с ИКТ ресурсами, развивать
самостоятельность, творческие способности учащихся
Воспитательные: стимулировать навыки парной и групповой работы, развивать
организаторские способности, знакомить с культурой отдыха
Тип урока
Урок обобщения и систематизации знаний
Форма урока: Дискуссия, презентации
Применяемые технологии:
Технология проектного обучения
Групповые технологии
Информационные технологии
Технология проблемного обучения
Игровые технологии
Оборудование и оснащение- компьютер, доска Mimio три ноучбука
1.Организационный момент
Постановка цели и проблемы
Teacher: Good morning children. Sit down, please.
The purposes of our lessons are:
To know different opinons about the theme, to find new information, reading the
text and lexical skills in communication and presentation of the projects
T: Read and translate the proverb
All is well that ends well
P:Всё хорошо, что хорошо заканчивается. Today our class will divided inti three
T:Look at the pictures ex. № 1 p 61 and try to guess the theme of the lesson.
P: It is the Theme Parks
T: Please in groups in describe the pictures
Now please look the new words on the slides. Let’s remember the Participal 2 of
verbs. Make up sentences with new words. Придожение № 1
T: Read the texts and answer the guestions:
What is each paragraph about?
Dasha- the first paragraph is about LEGO bricks. Key sentence- You can build
just about anything with Lego bricks.
Max the 2-nd paragraph is about the attractions at Legoland. Key sentence
Among the attractions at Legoland is….
Igor- the third paragraph is about Miniland USA. Key sentence- Before you leave
Legoland in California be sure not to miss Miniland USA.
T: Explain the words in the bold
Bricks- rectangular blocks
Bones- parts of skeleton
Fossils- hard remains of prehistorical plant or animal
Driving licence- official paper allowing you to drive
Find out- discover
Landmarks-sightseeings, buildings-you can recognize.
Speaking in pairs make up the diologue- have a telephone conversation.
T: Now children you have got your own travelling in different theme parks.
T: Watch your projects and make up your dialogues.
P1: Hi ,Katya. How are you?
P2:Fine, thanks. How is California Legoland
P1:It’s great. I’m having the time of my life here.
P2:What kind of things have you done?
P1:I’ve already been to Dino’s Island and I’ve taken a ride on the coastersauras…
Physical exercise:
Dancing music
T: Now children let’s make negative adjectives with the help of suffixes
Il- illegal, illogical, illiberal, illiterate-неграмотный
Ir- irresponsiblе- irregular-нерегулярные, irrational-неразумный, irrecoverable-
Un-unbelievable, uncivilized-некультурный, uncomfortable- неудобный
Im- impossible-невозможный, impolitic- неполитичный, impolite-невежливый
In-informative, intangible- неосязаемый, intolerant-нетерпимый
Ex № 5 p. 61
T: Do the exercise
P:illogical,irresponsible, unbelievable, impossible, inactive ,unbalanced,
T:Let’s make radio advertisement .You have got the example use it and make your
Looking for a great day out for the entire family Come visit us at Canada’s
Wonderland for an experience you will never forget. Fly through the air in Captain
Hook’s pirate ship, splash down the falls in a log boat, scream your way through a
walk in a haunted house! All this and much, much more. Stop for a drink and a
Open every day of the week, April through September.
Pupils are doing their radio advertisements.
3 The end of the lesson.
T:What new words did you know. Make or remember the sentences with them
Home task WB p. 38 SB ex.6 Your makes are. The lesson is over. Good bye