Конспект урока "Газеты" 8 класс

Тема урока : «Газеты»
Задачи урока:
1. Обобщить изученный материал по теме «Газеты».
2. Развивать навыки аудирования, говорения, чтения и письма.
3. Вызвать интерес к чтению газет.
4. Развивать творческие способности учащихся.
Ход урока
1. Организационный момент
T: Today we’ll speak about the press again, about different kinds of
It is impossible to imagine our life without newspapers. Millions of copies of
them appear every day. I hope you know about the press a lot and you will show your
knowledge. Be active! Be communicative!
2. Аудирование с извлечением основной информации.
Режим Т Сl
We start our lesson listening to a short story about a newspaper. Listen to it
with great attention and try to guess the title of the newspaper. Are you ready?
It is a British daily newspaper. It has brief news repots and a large number of
photographs. Much attention is given to personal stores, especially when they are
sensational. This newspaper mentions a figure in the public eye such as a member of
the royal family. The importance is also given to sport and entertainment. The style
of English in this paper is often conversational, which much use of slang, nick-names
and catchy headlines.
(The Sun)
T: Do you know this newspaper? Ps: - If I am not mistaken it is…
Try to guess. - I think it is…
- I am not sure, but I guess…
- In my opinion…
- May be it is…
3. Речевая зарядка. T P
Do you subscribe to it? - Yes or no.
(I have never seen it before)
Does your family subscribe to - Yes, of course and I get a lot of useful
any newspapers? information from newspapers reports.
- No, but I buy them in the new stalls
- No, I think I can do without any
newspapers at all.
What national daily newspapers - Izvestiya, Trud, Segodnya.
do you know? - Economicheskaya Gazeta, Nezavisimya
- Sovetskaya Gazeta Rossiya.
- Komsomolskaya Pravda
And what about national weekly - Argumenty and Fakty.
papers? - Literaturnaya Gazeta.
- Nedelya.
There are local papers in all parts - As far as I know, there are some local
of Russia. What is the most popular newspapers in Nizhnekamsk. They are:
local newspaper in Nizhnekamsk? Leninskaya Pravda, Vasha Gazeta.
- But the most popular I think is Vasha
You see, there are also free local - I think they are delivered, because they
newspapers. They are delivered to contain a lot of advertisements. Adver-
people’s homes whether they ask for tisers try to persuade people to buy
them or not. Do you know why? something and they are often successful.
4. Контроль знания названий Британской и Американской прессы в форме
телевизионного шоу .
T: I am sure you know not only Russian but British and American newspapers and
magazines. And I’ll give you a chance to show your knowledge. In what way? I
invite you to the show . These are your personal numbers. (Раздаю персональные
номера участникам шоу) So the task for you: Name British and American newspapers
and magazines. Only 1 minute for you. (Победителя отводят в сторону, он не участвует
во 2-м тайме)
P: The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Daily
Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, The Daily Mirror, The Sun, Today,
The Daily Star, The Daily Mail.
T: The second task is to name American newspapers and magazines.
P: The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Loss Angeles Times, The Boston
Globe, The Chicago Tribune, The Christian Silence Monitor, Time, Newsweek,
Businessweek, World Report, Cosmopolitan, The Ladies Home, Journal, The
Saturday Evening Post.
T: And the third round is between two students You ought to name only “quality”
British newspapers.
P: The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, The Financial Times.
T: You are the winner. What is your name? Where are you from? How often do you
read newspapers? And what is your favorite newspaper? Thank you.
5. Диалогическая речь в форме Ps Ps опроса-интервью. Работают одновременно
все ученики.
T: It is very interesting for me to know about your reading preferences. Let’s
interview each other to find out about your tastes, your reading preferences.
Only 4 questions for you. You may use these questionnaires:
1. Why do you read newspapers?
a) for information
b) for fun
c) to while the time away
2. What kinds of newspapers do you like to read?
a) serious newspapers
b) less serious newspapers
c) science newspapers
d) English newspapers
e) newspapers for teenagers
f) sport newspapers
g) local newspapers
3. Where do you get newspapers?
a) buy in a news stall
b) subscribe to newspapers
c) ask my classmates
4. Do you think you can do without any newspapers at all?
a) Yes, I can
b) No, I can’t
Вывод: What are the results?
Вывод делается исходя из результатов опроса.
P: I have interviewed my classmates about their reading preferences. They read for…
They like to read… (They prefer reading…) They subscribe to newspapers. They
can’t (can) do without newspapers.
6. Работа над грамматикой.
Используются заголовки статей, построенные грамматически неправильно.
T: If you look through the newspapers, you will see a lot of headlines. Sometimes they
are not right grammatically. Let’s correct them.
Каждый ученик получает заголовок, который нужно откорректировать.
1. Girl stole the bank raid
2. Liverpool beaten 3 0 by United
3. Woman murdered in London flat
4. Pop Star given 6 months to live
5. Diamonds stolen from millionaire’s home
6. Kidnappers paid, £ 1 million
7. Picasso painting sold for £ 5 million
8. Foreign languages learnt many people by radio
9. Woman (were) expected to stay at home
10. Basketball (was) invented by a teacher
11. Demonstrations (were) held in Red Square
12. They (were) married in a Church
13. The film (is) shown every week
14. Their marriage (was) feasted through the country
7.Закрепление лексики, необходимой для описания газет.
T: You see, some newspapers give serious coverage of news and comments. They
contain information on home and foreign affairs, serious editorials. They provide
much professional advertising. They give truthful and factual information. And some
newspapers are for less serious readers. They rather entertain than inform.
Chose the sentences which suit for serious newspapers and then for less serious ones.
На доске написаны фразы, которые подходят к серьезным по содержанию
газетам и газетам более низкого качества. Нужно разгруппировать их на две
Фразы на доске:
1. They given serious coverage of news and comments.
2. They contain information on home and foreign affairs.
3. They contain brief news reports.
4. They carry serious editorials.
5. They provide up-to-date financial information.
6. They contain large number of photographs and gossipiest.
7. They give full attention to personal stories, especially sensational.
8. They provide much professional advertising.
9. They contain sport and entertainment.
10. They give truthful and factual information.
11. They publish shocking situations and events.
12. They style is often confer sectional with much use of slang, nick-names and catchy
13. They inform.
14. They rather entertain than inform.
8. Групповая работа. Обзор предложенной газеты с использованием тех же
самых фраз.
Good of you. Well, then… Let’s make a review about newspapers and work in
groups. This is а newspaper for you and this is for you. Who will be the first to report.
9. Ролевая игра.
Ситуация: Представьте, что вы редакторы различных изданий. Очень
престижная фирма объявляет конкурс, чтобы выбрать газету для
сотрудничества. Постарайтесь убедить директора фирмы, что лучшего варианта,
чем ваша газета, ему не найти. Будьте активны.
Раздаю визитки, где написано название газеты и фамилия редактора.
Good morning. I am the editor of the newspaper… I would like to tell you some words
about our newspaper…
It contains: current news
detailed articles about
home and international events
reviews of new books, plays and TV shows
letters of readers to the editor
articles on social issues
jokes and anecdotes
short stories and items
crossword puzzles
articles devoted (to art)
I hope you are not disappointed our cooperation.
T: I am at a loss and don’t know whose newspaper is the best. But, never the less, I
ought to choose and I choose. This is Mr… (Mrs…) I hope that our cooperation is
10. Подведение итогов и объяснение домашнего задания.
Why not to suggest new sections for the newspaper which would be interesting for
teenagers. Do you agree? It is your home task. Thanks everybody. Good-buy!
Победитель назван. Учитель благодарит всех детей за сотрудничество, подводит итоги и дает
творческое задание к следующему уроку: предложить новые рубрики для будущей газеты.