Конспект урока "Global warming" 10 класс

Form: 10
Topic: Global warming
Aims: by the end of the lesson students will be able
I. to speak about:
1. reasons and consequences of the global warming:
2. things that must be done to improve the condition of the environment and reduce global warming:
3. the animals that are affected by global warming.
II. to use new vocabulary speaking about global warming.
1. Presentation
2. Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJAbATJCugs
3. Handouts
4. Textbook “Starlight 10”, p.124
The procedure:
I. Greeting
II. Warm up
Presentation (slide 1)
1. In Nature there are neither rewards nor punishment there are consequences
Let’s comment the saying.
How do you understand it?
Presentation (slide 2)
2. Revising the vocabulary
At our last lesson we began to speak about environment problems. Let’s revise them
Today I want to draw your attention to one of these problems.
III. Listening
Now, we’ll watch a video.
1. Pre-listening
What type of video will you watch?
a) the news b) a documentary c) an extract from a film
Which process will be described in the video?
2. Listening I
Watch the video and decide if your predictions were right or not.
3. Listening II (handouts)
I. Enumerate the elements which have released greenhouse gases since the Industrial Revolution.
Presentation (slide 3)
II. Note down the consequences of global warming mentioned in the video: Presentation (slide 4)
III. Tick the right boxes. Presentation (slide 5)
To keep the Earth cooler, consumers should:
recycle their waste
save energy
use fluorescent light bulbs
save water
drive fewer miles
4. After-listening
Let’s speak about global warming (checking the task)
I. Factories, power plants, cars, burning fossil fuels
II. rising sea levels;
weather patterns could change;
hurricanes more frequent;
severe droughts;
some species would face extinction;
ice melting.
III. To keep the Earth cooler, consumers should:
recycle their waste
save energy
use fluorescent light bulbs
save water
drive fewer miles
IV. Reading
We have learnt that one of the consequences of the global warming is the extinction of some species
1. Pre-reading
Open the books at page 124
Look at the picture and the title of the article.
What do you think the article is about? (prediction)
2. Reading
Ex.2, p.124 (Starlight 10)
Read the article and decide if the statements are TRUE (1), False (2) or NOT STATED (3)
1) 1
2) 3
3) 2
4) 1
5) 3
6) 2
Ex.3, p.124 (Starlight 10)
precisely: exactly
uncertain: unclear
increased: gone up
repercussions: consequences
species: types
reduction: lessening
food intake: amount of food
decreased: became less
summer fast: period when food is absent
sustain: maintain
receding: shrinking
alarming rates: disturbing speeds
cataclysmic: disastrous
maternity dens: places where a wild animal gives birth
collapse: fall down
emission: discharge
conditions: states
3. After-reading
Answer my questions:
1) What are the reasons that can cause the extinction of polar bears?
2) What effect has warmer weather on female bears and their maternity dens?
And do you know other animals that are affected by global warming?
V. Homework: Research another animal that is affected by global warming. Prepare a short presentation to share your
findings with the class. You can visit this website: http://www.greenpeace.org.
VI. The results of the lesson
Let’s draw the line of our lesson today.
What have learnt at the lesson today?