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The Most Unusual Hotels

in the World

Made by: Ekaterina Sedova, the teacher of English, Tver «Gymnasium №6»

for Starlight-5, Module 2

Burj Al Arab It is a very expensive hotel in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. It stands in the sea, 280 metres from the bank, on a man-made island which is connected with the land by means of the bridge. The hotel in built in the shape of a sail. It is 321 metres tall. On the top of it there is a helipad (площадка для вертолетов) and a tennis court. There are big windows with views of the sea in every room. The Lighthouse Hotel The hotel is in Scotland with great views of the Irish Sea. It was built in 1815. In early times the lighthouse showed the way to the ships approaching to the Loch Royal Harbour. Starting with 1994 the lighthouse doesn’t work any more. Now it is a favourite hotel for newly married couples who enjoy their honeymoon here. The Plane Hotel If you are afraid of flying, but want to spend a night in an airplane, then travel to Costa Rica and spend a night at the Plane Hotel The plane hotel is an old Boeing 707 from 1965 that now has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dinning room, a kitchen and a terrace overlooking the ocean. You can have a great time there in a company with maˊcaques, ˊ toucans and other tropical animals. The Ice Hotel in Scotland This hotel is rebuilt again and again every year. At the beginning of November the architects, painters and designers from all over the world come to a small village Ukkasyarvi (Jukkasjärvi) to make a large ice hotel. It looks differently every year. By the end of December the hotel is ready and it can accept tourists. The most interesting parts of the hotel are The Ice Church and the ice Bar. The tourists can choose where to live – in an ice room or in a hot room. They are adviseв to spend one night in a cold room and other night – in a hot one. Before tourists are ready to sleep in an ice room, they put on caps and thermolinen. They sleep in special warm sleeping bags on beds which are covered with deer’s skin. Some more pictures of the Ice Hotel The Tree Hotel This hotel is in Switzerland. There six different types of houses in the trees there. The most attractive one is a mirror cube, reflecting the forest, so it is practically invisible. One more interesting house is like a flying saucer. Another one is like a bird nest decorated with many branches. Some more pictures of the Treehouse The Castle Hotel Some years ago the British decided to sell castles in private property and now every person who has enough money can afford to spend a night in these huge buildings with fireplaces, portraits of former owners and even personal ghosts. These castles attract people with ghosts living there. People know a lot of legends about these strange creatures. In the picture you can see Amberley Castle that has a great majority of sights. It is one of the oldest ones (it is 900 years old), it was owned by real kings and at last it is situated 56 km far from Airport Gatwick. The Tube Hotel The Austrians made hotel rooms from concrete tubes. A young painter Thomas painted the walls of the rooms. Inside there are electric wall outlets. There is no reception there. Any person can pay a room online. So there is no fixed price for the room. A system “pay-as-you-wish” works there. It is possible to live in such houses only from May to October. The Old Jail Mount Hotel The owners of the hotel Melissa and James made it from the former prison. The hotel is rather cheap. It has got standard rooms, family rooms and even rooms for backpackers. The prison existed in this place for 100 years (1866-1995). Now the prison chapel, the library and the sitting room are remade for the tourists. Jules’ Undersea Lodge Firstly it was an underwater station that examined the offshore area. Then it became old and was transformed into a hotel. It is situated 7.5 meters under water. People who want to spend their time there should pass the diving courses. There is a special hole under the station through which it is possible “to come in”. Some young couples have their wedding in this hotel. A lawyer and a chef in wet suits will swim to them. The Dock Crane Hotel It is fantastic to have a night in a working dock crane. The price is as high as the height of the crane. But there are a lot of volunteers to book a room in this hotel. The crane moves but people say that’s not a problem as the construction is solid and there is a great view of the sea. The Church Hotel It’s difficult to imagine a night in a church. The Scottish are fond of strange ideas. This is nothing similar to the church here. You are like in a real and exotic hotel . The Library Hotel This hotel is for those who like reading. There are a lot of books in every room. By the way, every floor has its own theme, for example, art, sociology, foreign literature. You can not only have a rest with a book, you can also have tea in a poet corner on the terrace or in a café where you are offered coffee with cookies. The Train Station Hotel (Crowne Plaza) This hotel is in the old building of a train station. The hall is remade into a restaurant, the coaches are rooms now. Every room has the name of any famous person – Charlie Chaplin, for example. The interior correspond to the life of this person or the time of his/ her living. The Hotel in a School The photographers from Belgium Ann and Jacque-Luck Lalu were specialists in taking photos of architecture. Then they decided to remake an old school in s village into a stylish hotel with unusual furniture/ the rooms are called like this – a Maths classroom, an Architecture classroom. People don’t live there, this hotel is for different conferences and meetings. Your Hometask
  • Which hotel did you like the best? Why?
  • Write a short story about this hotel:
    • What is interesting about it
    • How it is equipped
    • What would you do there


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