Конспект урока "День Благодарения в США: история и традиции"

Автор: Ческидова О.С.
Тема урока: День Благодарения в США: история и традиции.
Цель урока: повышение творческой активности учащихся путем
использования новых педагогических технологий в обучении.
Задачи урока:
1. Учебный аспект: систематизировать знания учащихся о праздниках
России и стран изучаемого языка, обучить новым приёмам учебной
2. Социокультурный аспект: актуализировать знания об истории страны
изучаемого языка (о Дне Благодарения, о жизни первых поселенцев).
3. Развивающий аспект: развивать критического мышления, внимания,
4. Воспитательный аспект: поддержать у детей интереса к изучению
английского языка, воспитывать в духе мира, доброжелательного и
уважительного отношения к истории других стран.
Тип урока: урок совершенствования знаний, умений и навыков.
Оформление: раздаточный материал по теме урока.
Ход урока:
Организационный момент. Правило трёх «да».
T: Good morning, boys and girls. I am very glad to see you.
Ps: We are very glad to see you too.
T: Take your seats. Is everything OK? Ps: Yes.
T: Are you ready to start our lesson? Ps: Yes.
T: Do you think you’ll learn something new today? Ps: Yes.
I. Фаза вызова. Использование приема «Прогнозирование» по
T: Do you like holidays?
Автор: Ческидова О.С.
Ps: Yes, I do.
T: What Russian holidays do you know?
Ps: New Year, Independence Day, Easter, Victory Day.
T: Each holiday has its own symbol. Look at the board. You can see symbols of
some holidays. I want you to say what holiday do these things symbolize?
На доске символы праздников: ёлка, чулки, сердца, шоколадный кролик
(слайд 1).
Ps: Stockings are symbols of Christmas. (слайд 2)
Ps: The fir-tree is a symbol of New Year’s Day.(слайд 3)
Ps: Sweet-hearts are symbols of St. Valentine’s Day.(слайд 4)
Ps: A chocolate rabbit is a symbol of Easter.
T: Good for you.
На доске картинки с изображением американского флага, тыквы, индейки,
букета из осенних листьев. (слайд 5)
T: What can you say about this holiday looking at these pictures?
Ps: This holiday is celebrated in the US. This holiday is celebrated in autumn.
(слайд 6)
The symbols of the holiday are pumpkin and turkey.
T: Very clever of you. This is an American holiday and it’s called Thanksgiving
Day. Do you have any idea of the Russian equivalent for Thanksgiving Day?
Учащиеся предлагают варианты, в случае затруднений, учитель переводит
название праздника на русский язык.
II. Фаза осмысления содержания.
T: You can see some sheets of paper on your desks. Please, take sheets of paper
№1. There is a text about this holiday on them. Before reading find the words
given below in vocabulary. Repeat them after me (слайд 7).
T: Read this text. I’ll give you one minute.
T: So tell me, please, who were the Pilgrims?
Автор: Ческидова О.С.
Ps: Pilgrims were a first small group of people who came to America many years
ago for religious freedom. (слайд 8,9)
T: What was the name of the ship?
Ps: “The Mayflower”. (слайд 10).
Использование приёма «5-W» для работы с текстом.
T: And now take sheets of paper №2. You can see the table with 5 columns. Let’s
fill in this table. It’s called “5w”. (слайд 11-20)
the Pilgrims
decided to
leave England
and go to live
in America
on the 16
September in
Plymouth, a
port on the
south coast of
they wanted to
be free to
practice their
the Indians
they showed
the Pilgrims,
how to hunt,
fish and grow
after winter, in
in America
they wanted to
help them.
T: Well done. (слайд 21). And it’s worth saying that only in 1864 the US President
Lincoln proclaimed it an official day. The Thanksgiving Day is now celebrated …
when? …(слайд 21) on the fourth Thursday in November.
Использование здоровье сберегающих технологий. (слайд 22)
T: Imagine that you are the Pilgrims. You are tired after the long voyage. Your
eyes are strained.
Look left, look right
Look up, look down
Look around
Close your eyes
Open, wink and smile.
T: Sit straight. Flex your head forward, back, left and right. Once again. Stand
straight, please. Stretch yourself. Sit down, please.
III. Фаза рефлексии. Первичный контроль изученного материала.
Взаимный контроль.
T: Take sheets of paper № 3 and choose the right answer. (После выполнения)
Exchange your sheets of paper. Check your mates. (слайд 23,24)
Автор: Ческидова О.С.
Who has 5 right answers, 4, 3…?
Написание «синквейна».
T: Now all of you will be able to try your luck in poetry. And you will write poems
about Thanksgiving Day without rhyme like “a white poem. Please, take blank
sheets of paper № 4. The first word is given for you.
T: Now give me two adjectives, which you can associate with this holiday.
Ps: American, thankful, free, harsh.
T: And now give me 3 verbs.
Ps: respect, survive, grow, thank.
T: Express your feelings using 4 or 5 words.
Ps: People wanted to be free.
People get together and celebrate.
Survive in harsh conditions.
T: And now we need a word, which associates with the first one.
Ps: memory, gratitude (bribe) - благодарность, acknowledgement, endurance -
American and thankful
Thank, respect and survive
People wanted to be free
T: Take sheets of paper №5. You know that American people cook a special dish
for this holiday a roast turkey. Put the sentences in the right order to find the clue
e Set (накрывать) the table.
s Put all the food on the table.
l Say: “I’m full.”
v Serve (обслуживать) each person.
f Take the roast turkey out of the oven (печь). Carve (разделать) the turkey.
i Sit down. Say prayers (молитвы).
Автор: Ческидова О.С.
a Enjoy.
t Call your family to the table: “It’s time to eat!” (Festival)
Подведение итогов урока.
T: What new information have you known?
Ps: I have known that …
T: Praise your work during the lesson.
I have done everything well.
I have done everything, but not so well.
I need some more information.
Домашнее задание.
T: Imagine that you are the Pilgrims. Describe your feelings during the voyage
across the Atlantic Ocean in 10-12 sentences. The lesson is over. Thank you for
your work. Good-bye. (слайд 25)