Презентация “What is our topic?" 9 класс

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What Is Our Topic ? Words For Dictation
  • Support each other
  • Be helpful
  • Aggressive
  • Weak
  • Strong
  • Helpless
  • More tolerant than
  • Appreciate friendship
  • Ignore
  • Betray
  • Care of
  • Envy
  • Feel jealous of
  • Hurt
  • Cheat
  • Do without
  • Be fair or unfair
Stereotypes About Women Stereotypes About Men Let`s make up a dialogue Topic – The most popular stereotype about the russians
  • They say…
  • Nothing of the kind…
  • Oh, come on
  • Look here
  • It doesn`t sound convincing
  • What are you talking about?
  • Do you mean it? – Yes, I mean.
Russian Stereotypes. it snows. All the time There are bears everywhere Russians are grim and humourless Russia is backwards Siberia is just a vast empty space where nobody lives