Викторина "Страдательный залог" 7 класс

Цели: совершенствование грамматических навыков по теме «Страдательный
залог»; тренировка навыков диалогической и монологической речи;
совершенствование лексических навыков.
Оборудование: карточки с заданием «Разделительные вопросы»;
жетоны – палочки; картинки для составления предложений; карточки
с первой формой неправильных глаголов.
1) Организационный момент
Good morning, boys and girls.
Today we shall have a competition on the topic “The Passive Voice”.
You will play games. If you do my task well, you will get a “stick”.
2) Задание 1.
Let’s remember three forms of irregular verbs. I have the cards with the
first form. You will take them one by one and name the forms of these
verbs. Who is ready to start?
The verbs.
Read read-read
3)Задание 2
I want you to look at the blackboard. You can see pictures on it. You will
make up the sentences using the Passive Voice and describe the pictures.
(Каждая картинка сопровождается словами обстоятельством
1- yesterday
2-every evening
4-last week
5-every day
6-next Friday
7-in two months
8-at the moment
10-when the boy came home
1)The new school was built in 2005.
2)The book was read yesterday.
3)Dinner is being cooked at the moment.
4)The floors were being washed when the boy came home.
5)The film is watched every evening.
6)The room will be cleaned tomorrow.
7)The toy was made last week.
8)The homework is done every day.
9)The house will be repaired in two months.
10)The pencils will be bought next Friday.
4)Задание 3
Now it’s time to correct the mistakes. Will you look at the blackboard,
please? Read the sentence to yourself, find the mistake and if you are
ready raise your hand.
1)The story were read three days ago.
2)The building of the museum is being reconstructing at the moment.
3)We are not never asked at the English lesson.
4)The text will be translated when he came.
5)English is speak all over the world.
6)Ice cream be made from milk.
7)The game will be played in four days?
8)The computers was bought in the shop.
9)The flowers are not watered last week.
10)The homework must be not done tomorrow.
5) Физкультминутка
I can see you are tired.Let’s have a rest. Will you stand up? Who wants to
recite a poem and do exercises today?
Hands on your hips,hands on your knees,
Put them behind you if you please.
Touch your shoulders, touch your nose,
Touch your ears,touch your toes.
Raise your hands high in the air,
At your sides, on your hair.
Raise your hands as before
While you clap: one,two,three,four.
6)Задание 4
Now it’s time to ask and answer the questions. Do you remember
tag-questions? Read the sentences on the cards, make up tag- questions
and let your classmates answer them.
Задание на карточках.
1) America was discovered in 1492, …?
2)All dictionaries are always made in two languages,…?
3)The English language is taught in all schools of Russia,…?
4)Two apples are given to you every day,…?
5)Kate is being asked now,…?
6)Grapes are not grown in the North,…?
7)Your homework must be done every day,…?
8)People in hospitals should be visited,…?
9)English idioms are not easily memorized,…
10)Jazz was not created in the USA,…?
7)Задание 5
Will you look at the blackboard? Find out the tense of the sentences
and use them in the Passive Voice.
1)They must visit Mr. Grey in the morning.
2)He will speak to his cousin tomorrow.
3)They often give her fruits from their garden.
4)They built a new hospital last year.
5)She is reading a book at the moment.
6)When Jack came his sister was preparing supper.
7)I have done my homework. Now I can go for a walk.
8)He will look after his brother next week.
9)Pupils didn’t visit the boy last week.
10)We don’t translate the poem at home.
8)Задание 6
It’s time to remember the English well-known proverbs and sayings
in which the Passive Voice is used. Match the two parts of the proverbs
and translate them.
Задание на карточках.
1.The devil is not so black a)cannot be undone.
2.Rome was not built b)is quickly spent.
3.What is done c)as he is painted.
4.Better untaught d)in heaven.
5.Marriages are made e)in a day.
6.Easily earned money f)than ill-taught.
9)Подведение итогов.
Thank you for your work. I can see you are good at grammar. You can
use Passive and Active Voices very well. Now it’s time to finish our work.
It is interesting to know who the winner today is. Nastya and Darya are
the best pupils. Let’s clap our hands. Thank you.