Конспект урока "Kingdom of toy animals" 2 класс

Открытый урок по английскому языку
Во 2классе.
Учитель английского языка Лапина С.А. БГОУ СОШ №348
Kingdom of toy animals.
Конспект урока.
Место в учебном процессе: урок систематизации и обобщения знаний по
теме: «Животные».
Класс 3 .УМК М.З.Биболетовой, О.А.Денисенко, Н.Н.Трубанёвой. Учебник
английского языка для 2 класса «Enjoy English». Издательство «ТИТУЛ»
Цель урока: систематизировать и обобщить знания учащихся по теме.
Задачи урока:
Образовательные: систематизация лексического материала по теме,
обобщение материала по теме: «Местоимения», обучение аудированию,
совершенствование навыков чтения, формирование навыков монологической
Развивающие: развитие коммуникативных навыков по теме, развитие
фонетических и произносительных навыков, развитие памяти, внимания и
Воспитательные: привитие навыка работы в группах, воспитание уважения к
культуре страны изучаемого языка.
Форма урока: урок - соревнование.
Используемые технологии: технология развивающего обучения, здоровье-
сберегающие технологии.
Оборудование: компьютер, мультимедийный проектор, аудиозапись,
магнитофон, карточки с транскрипционными значками.
Ход урока.
1.Приветствие.T: Good morning, children! P1P2: Good morning, good morning,
good morning to you. We are glad to see you. T. Sit down, please. I am glad to see
you too. Let’s start our lesson now.
2. Тема и цели урока. T: Welcome to the Kingdom of toy animals! [слайд1]
Today we are going to repeat English sounds and words, to play games; we will
sing songs, recite poems. Animals will give you some tasks.
3.Игра «Угадай голос». T: Its time to play now. One of the pupils will go to the
blackboard, he will turn his back and repeat your sentences and try to guess your
voices. Please, begin! P1 I live in the house. P2 Sasha lives in the house. P3 I have
got a pig. P2 Kate has got a pig. P4 I can swim. P2 Mary can swim. P5 I am nine.
P2 Nick is nine.
4. Phonetic Practice. T. Let’s remember the English sounds .Read, please. [слайд2]
Ученики читают слова, написанные на карточках с помощью
транскрипционных значков.
T: Now you should clap your hands if you hear the word long sound and stand if
you hear the short sound: dog, tree, tall, sheep, red, green, egg, fish, school, run,
art, big, lamp, pin, small, need. [слайд3]
6. Make up a sentence. T: Children! There is a letter in the envelope. But all letters
are mixed up. You should make up words and a sentence.
B g i, g d o, f n n u y, s i [слайд4]
Answer: Big dog is funny.
7. Find the animals. T: Children! The animals have hidden. Try to find them. You
should look for them from the top to down (vertically). [слайд6]
Answer: Cat, hen, pig, dog.
8. Now you should read, translate and complete the text. [слайд7]
Jim has got a pet. It isn’t big. But it is clever and funny. It is white. It can jump and
fly. It can speak English. Jim likes his…
A) black duck B) white parrot C) white hen
9. The next task for you is to replace nouns by pronouns. [cлайд8]
1) Ann is a doctor.
2) His sisters are kind.
3) My dog is angry.
4) His brothers have got a cat.
5) Mary can swim.
6) Kate and Jill have got a ball.
7) Jack lives in the house.
10. T: Boys and girls! You need a rest. Let’s do some morning exercises:
Hands up! Clap, clap.
Hands down! Shake, shake.
Hands on hips! Jump, jump.
Turn yourself around and stop.
Let’s play a little. The game « Let’s do it together».
T: Let’s play football. Let’s run. Let’s jump.
Let’s go. Let’s sing. Let’s sing. Let’s dance. Let’s climb.
Let’s swim. Let’s read. Let’s write. Let’s skip.
Let’s sleep. Let’s play volleyball. Let’s draw.
11. T: Listen to the tape recorder. Lesson 52. Progress check. Exercise1.
I’ve got a pet. It’s grey. It is kind. It is not brave. It can run and jump. But it can’t
fly. It can swim. It lives in my house. I love it. P: It’s a rabit!
12. Let’s play the game « The Interview».
One pupil of each team will go to the blackboard. Pupils of our class will ask him
or her questions.
P1: What’s your name? P2: My name is Ann.
P3: How old are you? P2: I am nine.
P4: Have you got a sister? P2: Yes, I have. I have got a sister.
P5: Can you play football? P2: No, I can’t.
P6: Can you play tennis? P2: Yes, I can. I can play tennis.
P7: Where do you live? P2: I live in the house.
P8: Have you got a friend? P2: Yes, I have. I have got a friend.
P9: Is your friend kind? P2: Yes, she is. My friend is kind.
13. T: Do you like your toys, children? Tell us about your favorite toy. Describe
your toy animals. Tell us why you like your toy.
P: I have got a toy. It is a dog. It is nice and clever. My dog is brave. It’s name is
Spot. Spot is funny. I like my dog.
14. T: Boys and girls! Look at the screen. Name the plurals. «One many».
[Cлайд 9]
P: Ball balls, dog dogs, pen pens, apple apples, banana bananas, pencil
pencils, cat cats, fox foxes, child children, mouse mice.
15. Children! You see questions and answers. Find proper answer for each
question, please. [Cлайд 10]
Can you swim? Yes, it is.
Is his duck fat? No, it isn’t.
Is his pig green? Yes, I can.
Has she got a cat? Yes, she has.
Answers: [слайд11]
T: Сan you swim? P1: Yes, I can.
Is his duck fat? Yes, I can.
Is his pig green? No, it is not.
Has she got a cat? Yes, she has.
16. T: Do you know the colours, boys and girls? [слайд12]
Who will go to the blackboard and name the colours?
P: red, yellow, green, white, grey, violet, orange, black, pink, blue, brown.
17. T: Children! Who knows names of the animals’ best? Let’s play game «The
Animals: dog, cat, lion, fox, bear, pig, elephant, tiger, crocodile, cockerel, mouse
camel, fish, cow, digraph, hen.
18. Now we shall have the competition. It’s time to recite poems and sing songs
column by column.
P1: Why do you cry, Willy? P2P3P4:I am a cock…I am a dog… I am a frog…
P5 P6: Little mouse, little mouse. Column 1: What is your name? What is your
name? Column2: Clap, clap, clap your hands. Column 1: A, B, C, D …
Column2: The more we are together, together, together
T: Nice work, children. Let’s sing the song «Toys» all together.
P: Toys for me
Toys for you
Toys for everyone
A pink ballerina
A blue toy soldier!
We are all having fun!
Toys for me
Toys for you
Toys for everyone
A brown teddy bear
A yellow doll
We are all having fun!
T: Well done, children. For homework I want you to do exercises 4, 5, 6 p.92 W/b
ex.2 p47.
19. T: Boys and girls! You were active and worked well today. What do you to do
at the lesson?
P1: I like to read. P2: I like to sing. P3: I like to play games. P4: I like to recite
poems. P5: I like to do grammar exercises.
T: The lesson is over. Good bye, children.