Конспект урока "Необитаемый остров" 8 класс

Урок. Необитаемый остров
Цели: закрепление грамматических навыков по теме Past Perfect;
подготовка монологического высказывания на основе текста.
I Организационный момент
We shall start the lesson with a test on Past Perfect. Then you will read and discuss the text «Six
Robinson and Their Guitar.
II Проверочная работа
Use the verbs in brackets in Past Simple or Past Perfect.
1. They (launch) the first spaceship in 1975.
2. I (look) at the clock and (realize) that it (break).
3. They (finish) the interview by that time.
4. When you (visit) your granny last?
5. We (leave) before the rain (start).
Keys: launched, looked, realized, had broken, had finished, did you visit, had left, started, invited.
III Фонетическая разминка.
A big black bug bit a black bear.
A big black bear bit a big black bug.
IV Речевая разминка.
- Open your student books at page29. Look at the picture and say what you see. What do you think about
that group of men? What are they doing? How would you call them?
- That’s right. The story we are going to read and discuss is called “Six Robinsons and Their Guitar”. But
before you read it have a rest.
V Физкультминутка
VI Обучение чтению и работа с текстом.
- So, read the text in ex. 105, page 29 and find out if you were right about it. Work in pairs and answer the
questions from ex, 106, page 29. Then report to the class what you have found out.
- Continue working in pairs. Decide what proverb you would choose to finish the story. Why do you think
- What do you think about the story? Is it humorous? Is it easy to read? Are there any expressions difficult
to understand? Are you glad for the Robinsons?
- What would you do if you were on the island like the boys? Do you think it is easy to arrange your life
on an island?
VII Подведение итогов урока.
- Is the text interesting for you? Do you think it is a real story? That is all for today. The lesson is over.
Hometask: Workbook ex. 1-2 page 9, Student’s book ex.109 page 29.