Конспект урока "Страна и люди Великобритании" 5 класс

Открытый урок по теме «Страна и люди Великобритании»
(Чтение с полным пониманием прочитанного с элементами аудирования)
Учитель - Бирюкова Мария Михайловна ЦО №1925 ВАО
Дата проведения: 9.02.2010
Цель урока Знакомство со страной изучаемого языка
Задачи урока:
Практическая задача развитие умений работать с текстом;
Общеобразовательная задача приобретение знаний о стране изучаемого языка,
расширение лингвистического кругозора через страноведческую информацию;
Воспитательная задача формирования доброжелательного отношения к носителям
иностранного языка, воспитание толерантности и уважения к культуре разных народов;
Развивающая задача развитие мотивации к дальнейшему изучению английского
языка, развитие психический функций, связанный с речевой деятельностью (виды
восприятия, памяти, устойчивого произвольного внимания), развитие эмоционально-
волевой сферы (активности личности, готовности преодолевать трудности,
любознательности, стремлению к самовыражению).
Этапы урока
I. 1.Вводная часть
Good morning. I am glad to see you. What is the date today? What day is it today?
What is the weather like today? Is the weather fine? Do you agree with …? Why? Is
the sun shining? What colour is the sky? Is the wind blowing? Is it cold (frosty)
today? Is it snowing? Do you like such weather? What was your home task for
today? Have you read the text? Do you have any questions?
2. Сообщение целей и задач урока.
Today we are going to learn some facts about Great Britain. At first we’ll watch a
video film about Great Britain. Then we’ll read the text and do some exercises. At
the end of the lesson we’ll sing a song and play. (slide 1)
II. Основная часть урока
1. First let’s read some proper names. Open your text books, page 159, ex. 15. I’ll
read the words and you’ll read them after me.
2. Now let’s watch a video film “The Land and People of Great Britain”. Look at the
screen please.
3. Now let’s read the text ourselves. Page 160. Ex.16.
4. Did you understand the text? Let us see.
- Here is the map of Great Britain. Can you show all parts of the country? Their
capitals? What part of the UK is situated in the north of the country? Where is
the north on the map? And the south? Let’s do some physical exercises and
revise these words.
- So match the capitals with their country (slide 2)
- What do you think, where these people are from? (slide 3) Here you have
some pictures of people in national clothes. Attach them to the blackboard.
- What are these people called? What is their nationality? (slide 4)
- What languages do they speak? (slide 5)
- We have read that the Welsh are very proud of their language and you can
see road signs in Welsh all over Wales. Let’s look at some of them. Can you
understand them? (slides 6-9)
- And now match the flags with the part of the UK. (slide 10)
- What is the name of flag of the UK? Do you remember how it looks like?
(slide 11) First it was a flag of England and Scotland only. So it looked like this
here. Then Northern Ireland came and now the flag looks like this.
- But flag of what country is missing? Wales, of course. And Welsh people are
very sorry about it. You know they have their own flag too. And they hope
that some day the Union Jack will look like this. Maybe yes, maybe no . (slide
12) Who can attach the flags to the blackboard?
- And do you know that each part of the UK has one more symbol? Can you
guess what symbol it is? (a flower) Slide 14. Attach the pictures of the flowers
to the blackboard.
So our map looks very nice, isn’t it? You can see here the countries, their
capitals, flags, flowers and people of the UK, can’t you? You see different
people live in different parts of the UK. They have different clothes, different
languages, and different traditions. But they all live in one country, in one
world which is quite different but rather small.
5. Let’s make a short break and sing a song about it. (The song “It’s a small World”)
6. Now take your seats at the computer and do some exercises. You can use your
- Exercises number one. Match the flowers with the country.
- Now chose the right answer.
- And at last complete the sentences. You can use the textbook.
7. (При наличии времени небольшая игра-викторина)
Now lets play. Look at the screen. Here you can see a question and some
possible answers. One of you can come up to my computer and click on the
variant he or she liked best of all. What will happen next, you’ll see. So the first
question is …
III. Заключительная часть урока.
1. Your home task is the following:
Everybody receives a piece of paper with the map of Great Britain. You should write down
the names of all parts of the UK, their capitals, seas and oceans, draw the flags and the
flowers. If you forget anything you can see two video films on our site learning 9151394. On
the other side of the paper you have to fill in the table. Don’t forget to write down their
names, surnames and the form.
2. You have worked very well. I see you know a lot about people of the UK. In fact you are
real experts in this theme. That’s why I want to award a medal to everybody of you. Here
they are.
So our lesson is over. Goodbye, children.