Конспект урока "Famous universities in our country and abroad"

Колесник Лилия Валерьяновна
Тема урока: Famous universities in our country and abroad.
Цель: ознакомление учащихся с культурой страны изучаемого языка с целью
формирования в них толерантности.
Задачи: 1. Научить различным способам действий, связанное с овладением
поисковым навыкам.
2. Развитие навыков самостоятельной деятельности.
3. формирование личностных качеств.
Ход урока
Деятельность учителя
Деятельность ученика
I. Орг. момент
- Good afternoon. Sit down, please.
- Who is on duty today? Who is absent?
II. Речевая разминка
(появляется слайд и учитель задает
следующие вопросы)
- Who do you think it is?
- What is the cyclist wearing?
- Who might wear such a piece of
And we’ll speak today about famous
university in our country and in England.
III. Фонетическая зарядка
But before starting our topic let’s brush
our tongue and repeat sounds
[i] in, it, ill, this, rich
[ei] make, take, hate
[æ] cat, camp, map
Now let’s read the proverb.
A cat in gloves catches no mice.
(отрабатываем каждое слово)
- Translate it into Russia
- Think a little about it.
- You are right. Thank you. Now open you
copybooks and put it down.
VI. Основной этап
- Good afternoon
- I’m on duty today. …
- Student, pupil, …
- scientist, …
Ученики повторяют за
учителем звуки и слова
- (варианты самые разные)
Кошка в перчатках не
ловит мышей.
- без труда не вытащишь и
рыбки из пруда
- МГУ, МГИМО, Oxford,
Колесник Лилия Валерьяновна
- What famous universities do you know
in our country and abroad?
- We’ll speak today about St. Petersburg
University and Cambridge University.
Open your books at the page 14 ex 2B and
read about St. Petersburg University.
(появляется следующий слайд, учитель,
указывая на него, говорит) Here is the
word list which may be unknown for you.
I’ll give you 3 minutes. … Now, please,
answer to my questions.
1. Who was found St. Petersburg
2. In what year it was found?
3. How many faculties does it have?
4. How many students does it have?
- Now look at the p15 and read about
Cambridge University. (Появляется
следующий слайд). Look at the list of
unknown words I’ll give you 3 minutes…
What did seem strange for you? What
notes does surprise you? (Появляется
следующий слайд). Now look at the
blackboard and I’ll tell you about this
Cambridge is one of England’s oldest
university town in the world. The quality
of life is excellent and the people is most
friendly. казывая на слайд). Its the
entrance into Cambridge. (следующий
слайд). It’s a walking path. Anytime is a
good time to take a stroll.
(следующий слайд). One of the most
famous sport among Cambridge’s students
is punting. And you can see ho they do it.
(следующий слайд). They keep their
boats in the special house.
(следующий слайд). The Mill Pont.
Students visit this place, when they want
to relax.
(следующий слайд). The university is
also famous to it the Botanic Garden.
(следующий слайд). This is one of the
small streets.
(следующий слайд). The Library
Ученики открывают
учебник и читают текст
- Peter the Great
- In 1724
- 16
- 17000 full-time
Колесник Лилия Валерьяновна
(следующий слайд). St. Catharine’s is
one of the Cambridge’s college. It was
founded in 1473. It’s located in the heart
of the Cambridge city. It has their own
University department, public transport,
shops. All its rooms equal to 4 star hotel.
They are clean and comfortable with
tea/coffee making facilities, radio alarm
clocks and telephone.
(следующий слайд).
- Now your task is to match the picture
and it’s name.
- Are you ready?
- Change your copybooks with your
neighbor’s and put mark
(следующий слайд). Compare your
answers with correct one. Rise your hands
who have 1 (2) mistakes
(следующий слайд). Please, look at this
table and fill it.
- Let’s check it.
- Your homework will be p15 ex 3B using
these words answer to these questions.
V. Подведение итогов
- Do you like the lesson? Why?
- Was it interesting?
- The lesson is over. You may be free
- Yes
Меняются тетрадями и
ставят друг другу оценки
Заполняют таблицу.
TP1, TP2, TP3
- Yea/no