Презентация "Феномен А. С. Пушкина" 11 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
What famous Russian writers and poets do you know? What are your associations with the name of A. S. Pushkin? Why is A. S. Pushkin so popular all over the world? What is special in his works? What is the Phenomenon of Pushkin?
  • «феномен» - исключительное , редкое, необычное явление.
Russian writers about A. S. Pushkin Why is A.S. Pushkin still popular today? People like reading books by A. S Pushkin because
  • his poems and stories are easy to read and understand -30 students
  • his works evoke positive emotions - 30 students
  • it is interesting and fascinating to read A. S Pushkin - 45 students
  • he teaches us to be kind, noble, honest and other good moral values-20 students
  • this reading makes you think and develop your mind-15 students
  • his language enriches our spiritual world and our vocabulary -10 students
The main characteristics of A. S Pushkin's poems.
  • They are sunny and light.
  • They are warm.
  • They are cheerful and optimistic.
  • They are sincere.
  • They are universal
Туча. А. С. Пушкин Туча Туча Туча Туча Туча Зимнее утро Зимнее утро Зимнее утро Зимнее утро Зимнее утро Зимнее утро Зимнее утро Зимнее утро Вакхическая песня Вакхическая песня Вакхическая песня Вакхическая песня Вакхическая песня Няне Няне Няне Няне Няне Няне Телега жизни Телега жизни Телега жизни Телега жизни What is the phenomenon of A. S.Pushkin? Today at the lesson
  • I learnt …
  • I became aware …
  • I enjoyed ...
  • Where can you apply the knowledge that you got today at the lesson?
At home
  • Comment on the following statement.
  • Some young people believe that while at school we should concentrate on reading the Russian literature; others think that reading is a waste of time.
  • What is your opinion? Should young people read the works by Pushkin while studying at school? Why\Why not?
  • Write 100 words – “3", 180 words - "4" , 200 -250 words - "5".
  • Use the following plan:
  • -make an introduction (state a problem) -express your personal opinion and give reasons for it -give arguments for the other point of view and explain why you don’t agree with it. - draw a conclusion