Урок-игра по теме: «Покупки» 5 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
Урок-игра по теме: «Покупки»
  • 5 класс
Фонетическая зарядка
  • [l]
  • [ei]
  • [æ]
  • [p]
  • [ai]
  • [i:]
Fill in the blanks
  • J_ ck_ t (jacket)
  • Je_ns (jeans)
  • S_ort_ (shorts)
  • Rai_c_at (raincoat)
  • Gl_v_s
  • (gloves)
  • Um_rel_a (umbrella)
  • D_es_ (dress)
  • S _a_f (scarf
Complete the word combinations with the following words:
  • A ... of sugar, a ... of fruit, a ... of jam, a ... of yogurt, a ... of biscuits, a ... of lemonade, a ... of oil, a ... of bread, a ... of choco­late, a ... of coffee.
  • Key: A bag of sugar, a tin of fruit, a jar of jam, a carton of yogurt, a packet of biscuits, a can of lemonade, a bottle of oil, a loaf of bread, a bar of chocolate, a jar of coffee.
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