Презентация "Predictions (предсказания)" Spotlight 7 class

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Spotlight 7 class Predictions (предсказания) учитель МБОУ «Супоневская СОШ №1 им. Героя Советского Союза Н.И. Чувина» Савченкова Татьяна Акимовна Tongue twister Answer the questions
  • What’s the name of the boy?
  • What does he like to wear in winter?
  • What color is the vest?
  • When does he like to wear a white warm vest?
Predictions (предсказания)
  • Ррр
  • You will have a lot of
  • money in the future.


2018 I have a lot of money now.

I am rich

Reading p.46 ex.1
  • What do you think this module will be about?
  • Look at the pictures and the texts. How are they related (связаны) to the title of the unit?
  • The pictures and the texts relate to life in
  • the future.
p.46 ex.1b
  • «Технический прогресс».
  • Which of the following (что из следующего)
  • can you see in pictures (1-4)?

Building vocabulary

Online schools

Special suites

Glass domes

Flying cars

Underwater cities



p.46 ex.1b
  • «Технический прогресс».
  • Which of the following (что из следующего) can you see in pictures (1-4)?
  • Picture 1: glass domes, underwater cities
  • Picture 2: robotic housemaid
  • Picture 3: special suits
  • Picture 4: flying cars

Building vocabulary

p.46 ex.1
  • Technical progress. (Технический прогресс).
  • glass domes - стеклянный купол,
  • underwater city – подводный город
  • robotic housemaid – робот-домашняя хозяйка
  • special suits – специальные костюмы
  • flying cars – летающие машины

Building vocabulary

Reading for specific information p.46 ex.2
  • 1 B 2 B 3 B 4 A
  • be very different (exp): not be the same (сильно отличаться)
  • be so polluted (exp): be very dirty (быть загрязнённым)
  • exist (v): live (существовать)
  • mini-submarines (n): small ships/vessels that travel underwater (мини-подводные лодки)
  • moon shuttle (n): a flying vessel that can travel
  • to the moon (ракета для полёта на Луну)
Reading for specific information p.46 ex.2
  • have enough money (exp): have the money you need
  • to pay for something (иметь достаточно денег)
  • believe (v): I think (полагать)
  • traffic jams (n): when cars are stopped in the
  • street because there are too many of them (транспортные пробки)
  • fuel (n): substance that produces energy when burnt (топливо)
  • cause pollution (exp): to make the environment dirty (вызывать загрязнение окружающей среды)
p.46 ex.2b

- Which prediction do you think will come true? - I think ____________in 2100.
  • we will have flying cars
  • we will use another fuel
  • we will have robotic teachers
  • ………………………………………………… Olga thinks we will _____________ in 2100.
Let’s have a rest!

The world is changing every day As life improves in every way New inventions make life fun And easier for everyone High tech gadgets, cool machines Online shops and magazines The futures really here to stay And it looks brighter every day Our whole lives are computerised The world is much more organised The magic of technology Will help us all live happily


Future Simple

(простое будущее время)

I think life will be different in the future.

  • Я думаю жизнь будет отличаться в будущем.
  • What will life be like in the future?

  • Какой будет жизнь в будущем?

Future Simple

(простое будущее время)

if/when + Present Simple

I will go to the holiday on a moon if I have enough money.

Главное предложение

Future Simple

Придаточное предложение

Present Simple


  • I will go to the holiday on a moon if I have enough money.
  • Я полечу на каникулах на луну, если у меня будет достаточно денег.
  • If I have enough money , I will go to the holiday on a moon
p.47 ex.3b

  • List the predictions in the texts
  • Affirmative
  • The earth will be polluted.
  • It will be difficult to find clean water.
  • We will live in glass domes.
  • We will travel in special submarines. etc
  • Negative
  • We won’t be able to live on it (the Earth).
  • There won’t be any traffic jams.
  • There won’t be any petrol left.

  • A: Will people drive flying cars?
  • B: Yes, I think people will drive flying cars.
  • A: Will computers talk?
  • B: Yes, I think computers will talk.
  • A: Will time travel be common?
  • B: No, time travel won’t be common.
  • A: Will people live in underwater cities?
  • B: No, I don’t think people will live in underwater cities.
p.47 ex.5

  • Answer Key
  • 1 invent ― won’t pollute
  • 2 comes ― will go
  • 3 has ― will buy
  • 4 exercise ― will feel
  • 5 are ― will go
  • Answer Key





Phrasal verbs (look) Phrasal verbs (look)

looking forward to

look after

looking for

look up

What have we learnt during the lesson?

We have learnt

Ask and answer questions with the verb will

We have read

use phrasal verb

We can

future Simple

We know

the text about predictions

new words

How are you now?

I am fine, because I’ve got a good mark.

It isn’t difficult for me.

I am O’key. I have some

problem, but I like this lesson.

I am sad. It is difficult for me.

I need your help

Home task
  • SB упр. 8*, с. 47;
  • WB, с. 29.
Thank you for your work!
  • Thank you for your work!