Олимпиада по английскому языку для 1 курса

Олимпиада по английскому языку для 1 курса.
1. Put the sentences in the right order to make up a dialogue.
Open the brackets.
1. He (be) _______________cadet.
2.The pictures (be) _______________on the wall.
3.It (be) ________ cold yesterday.
4.I (be) happy to meet you at the party yesterday.
5.My sister (be) __________a sixteen next year.
2.Write the sentences in the passive as in the example.
1. Versace created the costumes for the play.
2. Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.
3. No one has translated this play yet.
4. You should send this fax right away.
3. Finish up the disjunctive questions. The example is given below.
Example: He is a builder, isn’t he?
1.He noticed that one of his shirts started to float upwards, _____?
2. The new invention was a great success,___________?
3.He has just sent a letter,____________?
4. Actions speak louder than words ,____________?
5. They decided to have a party ,_____________?
4.Fillin:in, up, out, back, about
1.This song brings_______ happy memories from my childhood.
2.Australia is an ideal place to bring _______your children
3.The new government has brought_______many changes in education.
4.My part-time job brings__________$400 a month.
5.Shakira is brining________a new album.
5.Fill in the comparative or superlative form.
1.Who is your (good) _____ friend?
2. Jane is two years (young) ____ than me.
3.She is (sensible) _____person I know.
4.This is (interesting) __________ story I have ever heard.
5. Paul is (friendly) _________ child in his family.
6. Underline the correct word.
1.Shehas walked/ has been walking 10 km.
2.Ihave talked/have been talking to Ann on the phone since 2 o’clock.
3.Nickhas learned/ has been learning this poem all morning
4.Mummyhasn’t cooked/hasn’t been cooking yet.
5.David had eaten/had been eating by the time we got home.
6. Jill had waited/had been waiting for half an hour before the bus came.