Тест "Аround the United Kingdom"

« Аround the United Kingdom»
1. Draw the flags in the correct colour: Scotland England Ireland
2. Complete the sentences:
1. The official name of Great Britain is (the UK)
2. It is washed by…… ( the Irish sea, North sea, English channel, Atlantic ocean)
3. It’s territory is…… (244 sq miles)
4. The capital city is……(London)
5. It is inhabited with the population of……(56,8 mln)
6. is spoken there (English)
7. …… are spoken there( Irish, Welsh, Gaelic)
8. It has got a …… climate (temperate)
3. Wrong information. Correct it
1. Great Britain is situated on the continent( on the islands)
2. All the rivers in Great Britain are very long and not deep (not long but deep)
3. The highest mountain is Lock Lomond (Ben Nevis)
4. Great Britain consists of 2 parts (4 parts)
4. Match the following: КАРТОЧКИ
Guy Fawkes Day - November,5
Bank Holidays - Christmas & Easter
Christmas - December,24
Boxing day - December,26
St. Valentines Day - February,14
Halloween - October,31
New Year - January,1
5. Answer the questions:
1. What is the Union Jack? (flag)
2. What is the national calendar of the UK? (Gregorian)
3. What is the unit of currency of the UK? (pound)
4. What is the longest river of the UK? (the Severn)
5. Who lives at 10 Downing Street? (Prime Minister)
6. What colors are London cabs? (black)
7. What is the capital of Wales? (Cardiff)
1. Which district of London is famous for its fashionable life? (the West End)
2. Where does every royal coronation take place? ( Westminster)
3. What has become the symbol of London? ( St. Paul’s Cathedral)
4. What is the capital of Northern Ireland? (Belfast)
5. Who is the author of “Canterbury Tales”? (Chaucer)
1. What are the main religions of the UK? (Catholics and Protestants)
2. When did Normans conquer England? (1066)
3. Where did Nelson Column situated? (Trafalgar Square)
4. What is the heart of London? (the city)
5. Who built London? (Romans)
6. Who reigns the UK nowadays? (Elizabeth the second)
1.What is the name of Dickens (writer)? (Charles)
2.What is the capital of Scotland? (Edinburgh)
4.What is the capital of Wales? (Cardiff)
5.What is the official name of the country, whose language you study? (The United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
6.What chambers do the British Parliament consist of? (The House of Lords and The House of
7.Where does the Prime Minister of Great Britain live and work? (10 Downing Street)
8.What are the famous university cities in Great Britain? (Oxford and Cambridge)
9.What is the London residence of Queen Elizabeth П? (Buckingham Palace)
11.What islands is Great Britain situated on? (The British Isles)
12.How many countries is Great Britain made up of? What are they? (four, England, Scotland,
Wales, Northern Ireland)
15.In what part of Great Britain are most of the mountains? (Scotland)
16.What is Ben Nevis? (The highest mountain on Scotland)
18.What river is London situated on? (The Thames)
20.Who is the head of the government? (the Prime Minister)
7. Correct mistakes if there are some: КАРТОЧКИ
1.Skotland 2.Englich 3.the House of Parliament 4. the Capital 5.coantry
6.streat 7.Cardif 8.United Kingdom 9.Great Britaen 10.the Tames
11.Buckingam Palace 12.Toyer Bridge
Keys: 1.Scotland 2.English 3.the Houses of Parliament 4.the Capitol 5.country 6.street
7.Cardiff 8.the United Kingdom 9.Great Britain 10.the Thames 11.Buckingham Palace
12.Tower Bridge
8. Connect two parts: КАРТОЧКИ
1.West 2.Eng 3.Thames 4.Parlia 5.Cath 6.Scot 7.West 8.Tradi 9.Trafal 10.Squa 11.Capi
1.land 2.ester 3.minster 4.River 5.tion 6.ment 7.edral 8.land 9.gar 10.re 11.End 12.tal
Keys: 1.Westminster 2.England 3.Thames River 4.Parliament 5.Cathedral 6.Scotland 7.West
End 8.Tradition 9.Trafalgar 10.Square 11.Capital 12.Manchester
9. Choose the right variant:
1.British people often talk about the weather because it is
a.cold b.beautiful c.changeable d.hot
2.The United Kingdom consists of
a.three parts b.four parts c.five parts
3.The State system of the UK is
a.constitutional monarchy b.parliamentary republic c.limited monarchy
4.What is the fastest way to cross the English Channel?
a.by boat b.through the Channel Tunnel c.by ferry
5.What is the Scottish national costume for men?
a.the tuxedo b.the bearskin c.the kilt
6.Who wrote “Harry Potter”?
a.Charlotte Bronte b.Joanne Rowling c.Charles Dickens
Keys 1.c 2.b. 3.a 4.b. 5.c 6.b.
10. Look at the following slides and guess what (who) it is
1 слайд - Trafalgar Square
2 слайд - The Houses of Parliament
3 слайд -Big Ben
4 слайд -Tower Bridge
5 слайд -Buckingham Palace
6 слайд -London Eye
7 слайд -Westminster Abbey
1. Who is the main character at Christmas? (Santa Claus.)
2. Who lived in Sherwood Forest and fought against the sheriff of Nottingham?
(Robin Hood)
6. Who lived in Stratford-upon-Avon? (w. Shakespeare.)
7. Who wrote "Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson" (Arthur Conon Doyle.) Who
was "Тhе Iron Lady"? (M. Thatcher.)
8. Who wrote "Romeo and Juliet"? (W. Shakespeare.)
1. What is the longest river of Great Britain? (Тhе City.)
3. What is the population of the UК nowadays? (58 mil.)
6. What colour is the British flag? (White. red,blие.)
1.Where does British Parliament seat in London? (The Houses of Parliament.)
2. Where is the highest mountain in Great Britain ? (Scotland.)
4. Where was W. Shakespeare born? (Stratford-upon-Avon.)
5. Where is the Queen's residence? (Вuсkinghаm Palace.)
6. Where is Stonehenge situated? (England.)
7. Where is Loch Ness? (Scotland.)
8. Where саn уоu see many famous statues? (Madam Tussaud`s Museum.)
9. Where is Cardiff situated? (Wales.)