Контрольная работа по английскому языку 2 класс за I четверть

Контрольная работа за I четверть.
Задание 1. Послушай диалоги и соотнеси их с картинками.Напиши в квадратике
номер диалога. Ты услышишь запись два раза.
A. B.
С. D. E.
Задание 2. Выбери нужные формы глаголов в скобках и обведи их.
1) My mother (cooks / cook) in the evening.
2) My grandfather (have / has) a big house.
3) My parents (help / helps) my grandparents.
4) Fred and Mary (like / likes) to read books.
5) Henry can (play / to play) ping-pong.
6) London (am / is / are) very old and green.
7) Betty (teach / teaches) pupils in a school.
8) Mary likes (play / to play) video games.
9) My grandparents (sleep / sleeps) in this bedroom.
10) My pets (am / is / are) a dog and a cat.
Задание 3. Вставь в текст слова из рамки.
teddy bear evening well teach but very
Little Mary is seven. She likes to run and jump. She can sing __________________________ well. Mary can
play ping-pong _________________ not very _________________. Her parents ______________________
her to read books. Mary likes to play with her doll and her _______________________________________.
She plays in the _________________________________ and in the morning.
Задание 4. Поставь слова в правильной последовательности, чтобы получились
предложения. Напиши их.
1. Mary / at / o’clock a.m. / sleeps / four
Mary ____________________________________________________________________________
2. It’s / in the morning / o’clock / eight
It’s ______________________________________________________________________________
3. Liz / English / speak / can / very / well
Liz ______________________________________________________________________________
4. We / from / are / London
We ______________________________________________________________________________
5. They / bikes / their / ride / in the evening
They _____________________________________________________________________________
6. Nice / you / to / meet
Nice _____________________________________________________________________________
7. I / to feed / horse / like / my
I ________________________________________________________________________________
Задание 5. Прочитай три текста. Отметь галочкой (), к кому относятся фразы после
A. Peter is from Russia. He lives in a big green house by the lake. Peter likes flowers. He has a
flowerbed by his house. He likes to swim in the lake in the evening.
B. Ronny is nine. He is a pupil. He is a good pupil. He lives in London. He has his English at nine o’clock
in the morning. In the evening he likes to play with his teddy bear.
C. Boris is a clown. He is old. He lives in Moscow. He likes to sing funny songs and ride a bike. He has a
little dog. Boris feeds the dog in the morning and in the evening.
1. He is a clown.
2. His house is green.
3. His songs are funny.
4. He lives by the lake.
5. He has a teddy bear.
6. He has English in the morning.
7. He likes to swim in the lake.
8. He likes to sing songs.
9. He likes to play with his teddy bear.
Задание 6. Прочитай текст. В некоторых словах пропущены буквы. Вставь их.
Nick is ei _ ht. Linda is thre _ . They have a fa _ her, a m _ ther and two grandp _ rents. The _ r f _ ther is a
pilot. Their m _ ther teaches En _ lish in a sch _ ol. She likes her p _ pils. In the evening the p _ rents read
bo _ ks to Nick and Linda. They like to pla _ comp _ te _ games and s _ ng s _ ngs together.
Total: 45/
Per cent: