Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку 3 класс УМК «Форвард»

Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку 3 класс УМК
№1.Переведите на английский язык. Подчеркните верный перевод.
1 книга - a. pen b. book c. paper
2 солнечно - a. sunny b. hot c. windy
3 обезьяна - a. seal b. monkey c. elephant
4 Австралия a Africa b. Australia c. Italy
5 Бегать - a. swim b. run c. draw
№2. Соотнеси слово и его перевод:
1 Monday подводный
2 Friday танцевать
3 Dance понедельник
4 Ride a bike пятница
5 Envelope кататься на велосипеде
6 Underwater конверт
№3. Прочитай текст и заполни программу передач.
Ann likes to watch TV in the evening. There is a music programmes on Channel 3
at half past 5. Ann can watch an adventure film on Channel 2. It begins at 6. Ann
doesn't like to watch the TV news on Channel 1 at 5 o'clock. She wants to watch
the film today.
1. 5.00 ______________________________________ Channel _____
2. 5.30 ______________________________________ Channel _____
3. 6.00 ______________________________________Channel _____
№4. Прочитай предложения и впиши пропущенные слова
1) thirsty 2 happy) 3) hungry 4) hot 5) cold
1. My mother wants to drink juice. She is ______.
2. Tom wants the swim in the sea. He is _____.
3. Ann has many sweets. She is ______.
4. Helen wants to have breakfast. She is ______.
5. Children needs warm coats. They are ______.
№5. Вставь am, is, are
1. Не ___ a pupil.
2. I ___ a good girl.
3. A pen ___ yellow.
4. Tom and Mike ____ pupils.
5. This house ___ big.
№6. Прочитай письмо и выполни задания.
10 May
Dear pen friend,
My name is Веn. I am a boy. I am nine. I am from the England. I live with my mum, dad and two
sisters Betty and Kate. They are five. The girls like fairy tales. What is your name? How old are you?
Have you got a sister or a brother?
My birthday is on the 18th of August. Summer is my favourite season. In summer I roller skate,
ride my bike and swim. I can swim very well. I like to play football and tennis. When is your
birthday? What is your favourite season? What do you like to do? What can you do well?
I have got a grey rabbit Harry. Harry is nice and funny. He likes to skip and play. Harry likes
carrots, cabbage and bread. I like my rabbit but I would like to have a dog and a big parrot. Have you
got a pet? Is it funny? Please write back.
Your pen friend,
Ben Smith
1) Закончи предложение. Обведи соответствующую букву.
Ben has got...
a) mum, dad, two sisters and a brother Harry.
b) mum, dad and two sisters.
c) mum, grandpa and two sisters.
2) Найди правильный ответ на вопрос: When is Ben’s birthday?” Обведи
соответствующую букву.
a) in spring b) in summer с) in autumn
3) Прочитай предложения. Отметь неверное предложение. Обведи
соответствующую букву.
a) John is from the England.
b) He has got a rabbit.
c) John likes to read fairy tales.
d) He would like to have a big parrot and a dog.