Контрольная работа по английскому языку за III четверть 4 класс Форвард

«Контрольная работа за III четверть 4 класс Форвард»
1. How do you say it? Fill in the table
Watch, plant, point, land, need, visit, want, crash, pass, stop, follow, ask.
{ t }
{ ed }
{ d }
2. Make forms of Past Simple verbs
eat - _______ put - ______ say_______
love - ______ be - _______ do________
play_______ climb _____ match________
3. Choose the right form of verb and write
a) She was/ were born in America.
b) Sam was/ were sad about her present.
c) My parents was/ were OK last month.
d) He was/ were in a rain forest a week ago.
e) We was/ were bad explorers.
4. Translate sentences into Russia
a) I am not going to drink tea.
b) She must go to bed at 10 o`clock.
c) We don’t playing computer.
d) They mustn’t water flowers.
e) Does she listen to music every day?
5. Match words with translation
Aid, tent, dried food, torch, lamp, water, helmet, village, crash
Сушенная еда, лампа, разрушать, палатка, аптечка, вода, деревня, шлем,