Тест "Welcome to the United Kingdom!" 6 класс

Тест по страноведению «Welcome to the United Kingdom!», 6
1. Continue the sentences using the phrases from the box:
a. Minster
b. Giant’s Causeway
c. pipers wearing kilts
d. Eisteddfod
e. Sally Lunn’s house
f. Caernarvon Castle
g. Postal museum
h. Buckingham Palace
i. Hyde
j. Green
k. Sherlock Holmes museum
l. Nestle’s chocolate factory
m. stone columns made by the giant Finn McCool
n. bagpipes
1) In England I can walk in … and … parks.
2) In London I can visit … and ….
3) In Scotland I can take photos of … and …
4) In Northern Ireland I can see … and
5) In Bath I can take photos of … and …
6) In Wales I can visit … and …
7) In York I can see and …
2. Where is it? Match the sight (А-Р) and the place (1-16) (including the town or city and the country):
A. It shows a collection
of more than a
thousand pieces of
men’s, women’s and
children’s clothes. It also
tells you the story of
fashion of more than 4
hundred years.
B. It is the bell that
strikes the hours in the
clock tower above the
Houses of Parliament. It
was named after Sir
Benjamin Hall.
C. An every year
competition to find the
best poets, writers and
musicians in the country.
D. It is a station with tea
gardens and a museum
with different boats. You
can go on a river trip and
even take a boating lesson
E. It is a very
mysterious lake in the
country of bagpipes and
kilts. There are a lot of
reports of a water
monster that lives there.
F. York … is the largest
Gothic Cathedral in
Northern Europe. It is
800 years old. Climb the
tower for beautiful views
of the city.
G. Interested in
technology? Want
(хочешь) to know about
the first trains and how
they worked? Visit the
…. Museum, the world’s
largest … Museum.
Drive a train yourself.
H. It’s the London home
of Queen Elizabeth II, the
British queen.
I. A town with the
castle where the eldest
son of the queen or the
king of Britain gets the
title of Prince of Wales.
J. It is famous for
posting the first stamp
in the world. It
happened in this historic
building on the 2
May, 1840. In this
museum there are
letters and stamps from
old times.
K. It is a combined
bascule and suspension
bridge in London, over
the river Thames. It is
close to the Tower of
London, from which it
takes its name. It has
become an iconic symbol
of London.
L. This amazing
has 40 000 stone columns.
The legend says that once
a very big man fell in love
with a lady giant from an
island near Scotland and
began to build this
construction to bring her
to Ireland.
M. It is the oldest
house in Bath. More
than 300 years ago one
famous woman, a
legend of the city, baked
N. In September 1620
the Mayflower ship
started for a new land
from … in … . There
were 102 people on the
O. They are about 2
thousand years old. The
water comes from a hot
spring. The temperature
of the spring is 46°
P. The street in London
where the famous
detective Sherlock Holmes
lived in the stories about
him. There is a museum
very tasty buns that
now have her name.
You can visit a museum
and see an old kitchen
where today’s bakers
make the buns by hand
and they use her recipe.
ship who left their city
and crossed the North
Atlantic Ocean to start a
new life in America and
to be free.
degrees. It is the most
famous place in Bath.
You can drink the waters
or tea in a special room
here, but you can’t take
a bath. Now it is just a
about Sherlock Holmes in
1. The Postal Museum (Bath, England)
2. Baker Street (London, England)
3. Caernarvon (Wales)
4. Buckingham Palace (London, England)
5. Sally Lunn’s house (Bath, England)
6. Tower Bridge (London, England)
7. The Giant’s Causeway (Northern Ireland)
8. Plymouth (England)
9. The Museum of Costume (Bath, England)
10. The Eisteddfod (Wales)
11. The Boating Station (Bath, England)
12. The Roman Baths (Bath, England)
13. Big Ben (London, England)
14. Minster (York, England)
15. The National Railway Museum (York, England)
16. Loch Ness (Scotland)
3. Complete the fact file about the UK. Match the capitals, symbols, population and the country:
Symbol / mascot
3 million, Belfast,
thistle, London, 2
million, daffodil, 50
million, clover,
Cardiff, Edinburgh, 5
million, the red rose
Northern Ireland
4*. What do you know about the UK? Match:
1) The 3
most published writer of England
A) Severn
2) The Viking’s name of York
B) Windermere
3) The longest river in Great Britain
C) 3
4) BC
D) 5
5) 3 most popular sports games in England
E) Tim Berners-Lee
6) Solar box
F) Agatha Christie
7) The largest lake in England
G) до нашей эры
8) An English scientist, the inventor of World Wide Web
H) нашей эры
9) Red phone box
I) football, rugby, cricket
10) How many times did the Olympics take place in London?
J) Jorvik
11) The highest mountain in Great Britain
K) Ben Nevis
12) AD
L) You can call your friends here.
13) The population of Scotland is … million people.
M) You can put on charging (зарядить) your
mobile phone or other gadgets here.