Открытый урок по английскому языку "Экология" 6 класс

Подписи к слайдам:

Fill in the blanks. Only one variant is correct.

1. Pupils will have Ecology in the summer … which runs from April to July.

a) term b) part c) lesson d) holidays

2. Sorry, I couldn’t meet you yesterday: I was a … bit tired.

a) short b) little c) few d) lot

3. Will you … the table when we finish eating?

a) clean b) clear c) wash d) wash up

4. We put the books … a pile on the table.

  • on b) - c) of d) in
  • 5. A lot of pupils join … a “Save the Animals” Society.

    a)in b) on c) – d) at

Sweeps every doorstep if own his person will clean soon city be the.

If every person sweeps his own doorstep, the city will soon be clean.

1. If nuclear power stations go wrong,

a. we won't be protected from ultraviolet radiation.

2.  If people stay in direct sunlight for a long time,

b. they will clean air again.

3. If there is no ozone layer in the atmosphere,

c. they will cause nuclear pollution.

4. If people use filters at nuclear power stations,

d. they will get ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

5. If factories dump their waste in the rivers,

e. they will solve the environmental problems.

6. If people want to survive,

h.  they will become dirty and poisoned.

Open the brackets:

1. If we (take) care of our planet, it won't be in danger.

2.  If people don't waste water, there (not be) serious water shortages in many parts of the world.

3. I will cycle to work, if I (not have) a car.

4. If factories (not pour) chemicals into rivers, they won't be polluted.

5. If people don't leave rubbish on beaches, they (not be) dirty.

Grove - роща




The place where she lived



The place where she liked to play


The name of society



School friends’ names




You will make the environment healthy if you don’t leave rubbish after a picnic.

You won’t make the environment healthy if you hurt animals.


- name

- logo

- plan

of your society.

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