Контрольная работа по английскому языку по итогам полугодия 6 класс Forward

Контрольная работа по итогам полугодия. Forward. 6 класс
Variant 1
Choose the right word.
1. I enjoy _______books.
a) to read b) reading c) read
2. We could ______________________ well at school.
a) study b) to study c) studied
3. Whose bicycle is this? It’s Ann’s. It’s _________.
a) she b) hers c) her
4. Whose pen is this? It’s Trevor’s. It’s _________.
a) hers b) her c) his
5. Whose house is this? It’s Jack and Jill’s. It’s _________.
a) theirs b) yours c) they.
6. This is________guitar.
a) I b) mine c)my
7. This is _______ computer.
a) our b) we c)ours
8. Bob listens to music on Sunday, Friday and Saturday. He listens to music _______.
a) often b) twice a week c) three times a week
9. Andy goes to the cinema on Sunday. She goes to the cinema _______.
a) usually b) once a week c) twice a week
10. I ________ go to bed at 10 p.m.
a) usually b) every day c) twice a week
11. Whose cassettes are they? They’re the ______.
a) girl’s b) girls c) children’
12. I’m Olga’s nephew. She is my ______________.
a) sister -in-law b) grandma c) aunt
13. Nevita ______ got a lot of friends.
a) has b) have c) haves
14. They _______ got a new car.
a) are b) have c) has
15. _________ got any snakes?
a) You have b) Have you c) He has
16. Robert is good ___ computers.
a) at b) in c) with
17. What sport ______ Tim do ?
a) do b) does c) is
18. Teresa plays the ________.
a) basketball b) swim c) recorder
19. Tony ___________ cycling.
a) do b) goes c) plays
20. Joe and Cindy _______.
a) go skiing b) go ski c) goes skiing
21.Dave _______ texting friends on his mobile phone.
a) enjoy b) enjoys c) are good at
22. What _____ Sandra’s hobbies?
a) are b) is c) has
23. Deaf people can’t ________.
a) see b) to hear c) hear
24. Maria has musical ability. She is __________ at playing the piano.
a) bad b) good c) can
25. Claude Monet had serious problems with his eyesight. He _______.
a) couldn’t see b) couldn’t hear c) can’t see
26. Have you got ______ hamsters?
a) some b) any c) a
27. They _______ small ears.
a) are b) have got c) is
28. It is a _____________________ monkey.
a) cute, small, brown, African b) African, cute, small, brown
c) small, brown,cute, African
29.He doesn’t ______ in Russia.
a) lives b) live b) go
30. Londoners are people who come ______ London.
a) in b) at c) from
Variant 2
Choose the right word.
1. He likes __________a new computer game.
a) playing b) to play c) plays
2. They can ________________very quickly.
a) to swim b) swim c) swimming
3. Whose computer is this? It’s Robert’sb and mine. It’s _________.
a) theirs b) his c) ours
4. I’ve got a pen . It’s _________.
a) mine b) my c) me
5. Whose house is this? It’s Jill’s. It’s _________.
a) she b) hers c) her.
6. This is________dictionary.
a) theirs b) their c) they
7. This is _______ helmet.
a) he b) his c) hers
8. I visit my uncle and aunt on Tuesday and Thursday. I see them _______.
a) often b) twice a week c) three times a week
9. They ________watch TV after lunch.
a) often b) every week c) once a week.
10. He goes swimming _________.
a) never b) often c) every day
11. Whose photos are these? They are my _______.
a) brothers’ b) brothers c) cousin.
12. Boris is my father’s brother. He is my ________.
a) aunt b) uncle c) cousin
13. We _____ got brown, curly hair.
a) have b) has c) haves
14. She ________ pets.
a) hasn’t got some b) has got some c) haven’t got any
15. What pets _________ got?
a) you have b) has you c) have you
16. Philip is _________ in making photos.
a) good b) keen c) interested
17. What sports _________?
a) do you do b) do you c) you do
18. Mark _________ to music.
a) listen b) listens c) plays
19. Jane _______ running.
a) play b) go c) goes
20. Mary _______ a computer.
a) plays b) uses c) have
21. There ______ a table and a chair on the right of the door.
a) are b) is c) ---
22. Blind people can’t ________.
a) hear b) to see c) see
23. Andy is good at mathematics. He has mathematical__________.
a) instrument b) problems c) ability
24. Alexey Maresyev ________ walk but he returned to combat in 1943.
a) couldn’t b) can’t c) disabled
25. No, she hasn’t got _____ mice.
a) any b) a c) some
26. Have you got any goldfish? Yes, ________.
a) I do b) I am c) I have
27. An ________ is a large strong bird that hunts for food.
a) parrot b) budgie c) eagle
28. This dog ____ a funny short, white tail.
a) is b) have c) has
29. She has got ___________ eyes.
a) beautiful, big, brown b) beautiful, brown, big c) brown, big
30. Bristolians are people who live ____ Bristol.
a) in b) from c) at
Variant 1
1b,2a,3b,4c,5a,6c,7a,8c,9b,10a,11a,12c,13a,14b,15b, 16a,17b,
Variant 2
1a, 2b,3c, 4a, 5b, 6b,7b,8b, 9a, 10c, 11a, 12b, 13a, 14b, 15c, 16c, 17a, 18b, 19c,20b, 21b,
22c,23c, 24a, 25a, 26c, 27c, 28c, 29a, 30a