Контрольная работа по английскому языку за II четверть УМК «Forward English для 6 классов»

Контрольная работа за II четверть_6 класс
УМК «Forward English для 6 классов»
Ex 1. Read the text and statements below the text. Mark them as true (T) or false (F).
Прочитайте текст и предложения под текстом. Отметьте их как истинные или ложные.
Save the chimps!
Like human (человеческие) children, chimpanzee babies are very attached (очень привязаны)
to their mums but many of them lose their parents when they are very young. In West and
Central Africa, mothers of young chimps are killed by poachers (браконьеры) for meat. The
poachers then sell the poor orphan babies (осиротевших малышей) for experiments or to
circuses, or as exotic pets.
Fortunately (к счастью), many of these young chimps have now got a loving home at the new
Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary (приют-заповедник) in Kenya. Most of them are in
a terrible state (ужасном состоянии) when they got the Sanctuary.
At the Sanctuary the young chimpanzees can have a normal life, looking for food, making friends
and learning how to live in the wild and climb. Most are doing well. The Sanctuary would like to
build an intensive care unit (отделение интенсивного ухода). Then they can help more animals.
1. Young chimpanzees love their mothers.
2. Chimpanzees are killed because people eat their meat.
3. Poachers raise chimpanzee babies as pets at their homes.
4. The Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary is the circus for young chimps.
5. Many of young chimpanzees need medical care (мед.помощь) when they get to the
6. If the Sanctuary builds a playground, they can help more animals.
Ex 2. Определите правильный вариант использования can\could.
1. Can/Could Sally learn a long poem by heart when she was four?
2. When Mrs. Rover was a teenager she couldn’t/can’t play the piano.
3. John says he could/can speak French perfectly well.
4. What can/could Peter do when he was nine?
5. Yesterday Molly couldn’t/can’t buy a book at the book shop because it was closed.
6. Rita couldn’t/can’t go to the cinema last Sunday because she didn’t feel well.
Ex 3. Раскройте скобки, употребив глаголы в Present Simple или Present Continuous.
1. I (to study) at school every day.
2. She (to play) basketball now.
3. He (to help) his sister at the moment .
4. We (to go) to Sochi every summer.
5. Listen! He I (to play) the piano.
6. They (to sing) a song in English at the moment.
Ex 4. Дополните предложения, составив разделительный вопрос:
1. It is cold today,
2. She danced very well yesterday,
3. You could swim,
4. They go to Sochi every year,
5. We were in London last year,
6. He plays the guitar,
Ex 5. Опишите внешность своего друга (5-7 предложений)