Промежуточный контроль по английскому языку 5 класс 1 полугодие

Промежуточный контроль 5 класс 1 полугодие
1. Прочитайте текст. Заполните пропуски соответствующими по смыслу
словами и фразами (а, b, с, d или е). Занесите свои ответы в таблицу.
a) had dinner
b) soup or milk
c) cat's plate
d) "thank you"
e) wife
A man and his cat
Long ago there lived a man who had no family. He had no (1)________ and no
children. He had only a cat. The man liked his cat very much and the cat liked the
man, too. Every day when the man (2) ________ the cat sat on a chair at the table.
The cat had its plate and the man always put some fish or meat into the (3) _________
Sometimes the man gave the cat some (4) __________ with some bread in it.
One day the cat came into the room and put a large rat (крыса) into the man's
plate. You see, she wanted to say (5) _________ for the man's food, love and care
2. Прочитайте текст. Измените слова, стоящие справа, так, чтобы они
грамматически соответствовали содержанию текста. Занесите свои ответы в
A crocodile and a monkey
Once an ugly crocodile saw a monkey.
He wanted to eat (1) _______ . But the
monkey (2) _______ very clever. She
thought, "I'll try to make friends with this
crocodile." She began to make funny faces
and to do tricks. The crocodile looked at
the monkey and laughed. He said, "You
are (3) ______ than all the monkeys in our
forest." He forgot about (4) _________
wish to eat the monkey.
So they (5) _________ friends and
played together.
3. Прочитайте текст. Выберите ответ (a, b, с или d) по смыслу. Занесите
свой ответ в таблицу.
Why take it home
Guy and Kevin are friends. They spend much time together. They have hobbies.
Kevin (1)______ books and Guy is fond of gardening.
One day Guy comes to Kevin and says, "Kevin, you have got so many interesting
books. Can you give me a good book to read?"
Kevin (2) _______ want to give a book to Guy and he says, "Why do you want to
take my book home? You can read (3) ______ here in my house."
Guy sees that his friend is greedy (жадный) but he doesn't say anything.
Next week Kevin comes to Guy and says, "Guy, you have got a fine garden knife
(садовый нож). I want to work in my garden and I need a knife. Can you give it to
(4) ___ for a few days?"
Guy answers, "Why do you want to take (5) ______ garden knife home? You can
work with it in my garden."
a) collect
b) collected
c) will collect
d) collects
a) Didn’t
b) Don’t
c) Doesn’t
d) Won’t
a) He
b) Him
c) Her
d) It
a) Me
b) him
c) her
d) I
a) her
b) my
c) your
d) his
5.Расставьте слова в предложения
arrange, cinema, group, invitation, responsible
1. Who will be ……….….. for the music at the party?
2. We are going to the …………… on Sunday.
3. The boys can …………… tables for the party
4. A ……………. of American students visited our school.
5. Good news! We got an ………….. from the British partners.
6.Выберите правильное окончание вопроса
1. She isn’t from Germany, ……?
A isn’t she B doesn’t she C is she
2. You helped the old man,…..?
A did you B didn’t you C don’t you
3. We won’t go abroad next summer, ………?
A will you B will we C won’t we
4. Linda likes playing tennis, ……….?
A doesn’t she B didn’t she C isn’t she
5. Her sister is going to arrange a party, …….?
A is she B isn’t she C isn’t he
7. Постройте предложения по образцу, используя be going to
Образец: Tim is hungry. He/make a sandwich. He is going to make a
1. Sam is very tired. He/ sleep
2. I have got my camera. I / take a lot of pictures
3. We like winter sports. We/play ice hockey