Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку 5 класс (УМК FORWARD)

Name___________________ Date__________________
1. Read and match.
1. Can I borrow your bike, please?
a) No, I’m sorry, I’ve sold it.
2. Can I have my pens back, please?
b) No, I’m sorry, I’ve broken my leg.
3. Can I have some chocolate, please?
c) No, I’m sorry, it’s closed tonight.
4. Can I go to the cinema with you,
d) No, I’m sorry, I’ve lost them.
5. Can I play football with you,
e) No, I’m sorry, I’ve eaten it.
2. Use MUST or MUSTN’T to fill in the gaps.
1. When you leave the hiking camp you … leave a fire.
2. When you go down a slippery road you … be careful.
3. When the weather is very hot you …wear hats.
4. When you go by boat you …load it with too many things.
5. When you are on an island you … keep it tidy.
6. When you are in the mountains you … throw stones.
7. When you go hiking through a forest you … drop litter.
3. Find the second part of each sentence.
1. When Clare learns to play the
a) she’ll go on studying.
2. When Nikita’s older,
b) he wants to take diving lessons.
3. When Kate and Sam find the
c) he wants to record a lot of songs.
4. When Josh becomes a pop star,
d) they’ll take it to the Space Institute.
5. When Nikita and Dasha come back
to Moscow,
e) they’ll tell their friends about the
6. When Vera finishes school,
f) she’ll start learning to play the flute.
4. Fill in the blanks with HAVE TO or HAS TO.
1. Maxim … get up early.
2. We … do all the exercises.
3. I … walk the dog.
4. You … tidy your room before we go for a walk.
5. He … see the doctor.
6. They … read all the texts in the unit.
7. She … go to bed late today.
5. Fill in the blanks with MUCH or MANY.
1. I don’t like …sugar in my tea.
2. There isn’t … milk in the fridge.
3. There aren’t …people in the street.
4. Are there … children on the beach?
5. There are so … stars in the sky.
6. How … lessons have we got today?
7. How … money have we got with us?
8. There is … orange juice in the glass.
6. Выбери правильную форму глагола и запиши предложения.
1. You (laugh / are laughing)! Why? It’s not funny!
2. Mr. Brownie never (does / is doing) it. He is afraid of ladders.
3. Maxim (watches / is watching) the news programme every day.
4. Look! A dog (climbs / is climbing) the ladder!
5. Come in, please! Sit down! We (watch / are watching) a funny comedy.
7. Маке these sentences negative.
1. Maxim wants to be a producer.
2. They like watching comedies.
3. Kate is good at music.
4. He enjoyed the film.
5. Nina has finished reading “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.
6. People have travelled all over the world.
7. They are travelling in Alaska
8. Use the Present Perfect Tense in these sentences.
1. He (write) already a new song.
2. She (enter) a photo competition.
3. He (visit) the museum.
4. We (change) our plan.
5. I (be) to the USA.
8. Read the text. These sentences are NOT true. Change them so that they become true.
1. Mother’s Day is celebrated in the USA earlier than in Britain.
2. On Mother’s Day mother buy presents for their family.
3. Mothers visit their adult son and daughters, bring flowers and send them special cards.
In Britain Mother’s Day is celebrated three weeks before Easter. In the US Mother’s Day is the
2nd Sunday in May. On this day mother gets thanks for all she does for her children and family.
Traditionally her husband and children bring her breakfast in bed and buy her a small present.
Adults visit their mothers, bring flowers and presents or send them special cards.