Контрольная работа "Мой рабочий день" Модуль 2 Spotlight 4

Контрольная работа по теме «Мой рабочий день»
Модуль 2 Spotlight 4
Name________________________________ Class ______ Date
1. Составьте английские предложения и запишите их в тетрадь: (Например:He /
She is a pilot.)
2. Составьте английские предложения и запишите их в тетрадь: (Например: A clown
works at a circus. He makes people laugh.)
1. A farmer/ farm/grow vegetables.
2. A greengrocer/greengrocers/sell fruit and vegetables.
3. A postman/post office/deliver letters to peoples houses.
4. An artist /at home / paint pictures.
3. Запишите правильные предложения в тетрадь:
1) А) The children often eat chocolate ice-cream.
B) The children eat often chocolate ice-cream.
2) A) How do you often listen to music?
B) How often do you listen to music?
3) A)We usually go to the swimming pool three times a week.
B) We go to the swimming pool usuallythree times a week.
4) A)Does he help his mother always?
B) Does he always help his mother?
5) A)She never drinks tea with milk.
B) She doesn’t never drinks tea with milk.
4. Прочитайте список обязанностей Билла, что ему необходимо сделать или нет.
Запишите формы глаголовhas to / doesnt have to в тетрадь:
1) Bill _________________ feed his cat.
2) Bill _________________buy any bread.
3) Bill _________________ go to the
4) Bill _________________ help in the
5. Прочитайте расписание дел и совместите их с правильным временем.
Запишите в тетрадь цифровой код (например: 1b, 2 c…):
1. What time does Nick swim?
a) At seven o’clock.
2. What time does Nick paint?
b) At half past four.
3. What time does he eat food?
c) At quarter past six.
4. What time does the boy watch TV?
d) At quarter to nine.
1) ____, 2) ______, 3) ______, 4)_____
feed his cat V
buy some bread X
go to the café X
help in the garage V
Nick’s diary
Swimming pool 4.30
Art school 6.15
Supper 7.00
Cartoons 8.45
6. Прочитайте текст, запишите ответы на вопросы в тетрадь :(What does Aunt Sue do?
Shes a nurse.)
Aunt Sue is thirty-two. She is pretty and tall. Aunt Sue is a nurse. She
works at the hospital in Briton. Aunt Sue wears a white coat when she
works. She helps sick people. A lot of people take their children to her
hospital. In her free time Aunt Sue likes dancing and playing chess. I
think my aunt Polly is great!
free time свободное время
1. Where is my aunt from? _______________________________________________
2. Where does she work?________________________________________________
3. Does she wear a green coat at work?__________________________________
4. What are her hobbies?________________________________________________