Final test. The 6th form. («Spotlight»)

Final test. The 6
form. («Spotlight»)
I.Read the text and mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).
Hi, Steven!
How are you? This is my family. My parents' names are Mary and William. My dad is tall with
sort, wavy hair. He is in his mid forties. My mum is short and slim. Her hair is short and straight.
She is in her late thirties. My sister Kate is seven years old. She has got long, fair hair and small
mouth. My brother Peter is eight years old. He has got short, dark hair and big blue eyes. He has also
got a big nose.
Well, that is all about my family. Please write soon and tell me about your family.
Send me a picture, if you can.
Buy for now,
1) Mark is writing to William.
2) Michael is Mark's dad.
3) Mary is Mark's mum.
4) Peter has short dark hair.
5) Mark's sister is eight.
6) Kate has got a big nose.
7) Mark's mum is in her late thirties.
II.Choose the correct form of the adjective.
1). My bike is ____ than yours.
a. faster b. fast c. the fastest
2). It is the ____ book of the three.
a. interestinger b. interestingest c. the most interesting
3).English is ____ than PE.
a. more difficult b. difficulter c. the difficultest
4).Mary is the ____ girl in the class.
a. tall b. tallest c. most tallest
5). Monday is the ____ day of the week!
a. bad b. worst c. baddest
6). Saint Petersburg is the________ city in Russia.
a. more beautiful b. most beautiful c. beautifuler
III. Choose the correct option.
1. Ronald and Paul like / likes ice-cream.
2. You rarely drink / drinks milk.
3. Marion never have / has breakfast.
4. She eat / eats vegetables every day.
5. Steven adore / adores chicken.
6. Pamela like / likes strawberries.
IV. Fill in with Do or Does.
1. ______________ Mary drink juice?
2. ______________ Pamela like apples?
3. ______________ they eat bananas?
4. ______________ you like salad?
5. ______________ your dog eat meat?
6. ______________ Ann like cheese?
V. Write the Past Simple form of the verbs in brackets.
1) We (have) 6 lessons on Tuesday.
2) They (be) happy when they (see) grandpa.
3) Elvis (play) tennis yesterday.
4) He (can) swim at the age of 7.
5) Did you (watch) a new film last Sunday?
6) I (see) my uncle last week.
7) I (go) to Saratov last summer.
8) Mum (make) a tasty fruit salad.
VI. Give the comparative and the superlative form of the following adjectives:
dark -
funny -
bad -
nice -
wonderful -
VII. Complete the sentences with am, is, are, do or does.
1. Where ___ you live?
2. Why ____ she want to learn French?
3. I ___ a student.
4. ____ London exciting?
5. ____ he like his job?
6. What ____ they do at weekends?
7. We ____ Russian.
8. _____you play ice hockey well?