Test (Unit 4) Form 8

Test (Unit 4 ) Form 8
I. Fill in the preposition : to, around, through, off
1. Don t worry, I'll see ... your children.
2. Could you come to the station to see me ... .
3. She knew him well enough to see ... his lies.
4. Bye, see you ....
5. Have you seen John ... recently?
II. Fill in the words : case, insist, bother, supply, advantage
1. I think he has an ... over the other candidates.
2. Why do you ... on your decision?
3. Come and take your notes just in ... .
4. Bakers ... us with bread.
5. I'm busy. Don't... me with your silly questions.
III. Choose the right word :
1. We can offer (different/various) plans to you.
2. I have always wanted to live ( besides/beside) the river.
3. Would you like tea or coffee? - (Either/Neither) is fine, thank
4. (None/Neither) of my friends have seen this film.
5. The telephone is a wonderful (discovery/invention).
6. ( One/ They) never forgives such things.
IV. Fill in must/have to/should'ought to in the correct form
1. Oh, I've got a terrible headache. - You ... take some medicine
and go to bed.
2. I think, the young ... be more thoughtful of the old.
3. Students ... take exams twice during the year.
4. ... you always wear this ridiculous hat ?
5. You ... not work on the computer so long.
6. You ... go on a picnic with us - it will be great fun!
7. The Smiths ... pay for their new car every month : they've
bought it on credit.
8. It... be a terrific film if Kate has seen it four times.
9. I have already finished all my work, so I... study tonight.
10. You ... tell anyone my secret.
Use the words in the right order
1. We sing songs at our English lessons ( often ).
2. Our classroom is clean and tidy (always).
3. Mary has finished her project (just).
4. The dog crept (silently, upstairs).
5. The boy sang ( at the concert, yesterday, well).
6. Emma has seen snow (never).
7. The two brothers agree (hardly ever).
VI. Translate into English
1. На твоем месте я бы попыталась уговорить их купить
новое оборудование.
2. Следует обратить внимание на преимущества этих
3. Тебе обязательно настаивать на этом против моей воли?
4. В ближайшем будущем мы узнаем потенциального
победителя соревнований.
5. Не спеши! Мы должны записать все факты.