Тест на отработку лексики ОГЭ

Тест на отработку лексики ОГЭ
Выберите правильную лексическую форму:
1) Sergey Soloviev is a famous Russian _________.
2) There is a huge ________ between winter and summer holidays.
3) Scientists have carried out a thorough _________ of this area.
4) He received first place for his project. This is his great _________.
5) ________ problems can be solved by bringing all countries together.
6) Mom is making a very _________ cake for my birthday.
7) This ________ deed will be remembered by everyone.
8) The teacher issued a serious _______ for the behavior in the lesson.
9) This is our first trip and it's very ________. (excite/exciting/excited)
10) Her new outfit seems _______ to me. (attract/attractive/attraction)
11) On Halloween, people tell __________ stories to each other.
12) Don't do me a _______! (favorite/favour/favours)
13) ________ needs to improve every year.
14) The chef offers a ________ of food for our wedding.
15) She is ___________ satisfied with the work in the last show.