Контрольная работа по английскому языку 10 класс 1 четверть Spotlight

Контрольная работа 10 класс Спотлайт 1 четверть 2 уровень 2020-2021
1. He suggested … (to buy/buying) some food. (Он предложил купить немного продуктов.)
2. Does Sally enjoy … (to go/going) to the gym? (Сэлли нравится ходить в тренажерный зал?)
3. John refused … (to answer/answering) my question. (Джон отказался отвечать на мой вопрос.)
4. My brother intends … (to get/getting) married soon. (Мой брат намеревается скоро жениться.)
5. I think she didn’t mean … (to hurt/hurting) you. (Думаю, она не хотела обидеть тебя.)
6. Fred can’t afford … (to travel/travelling) this year. (Фред не может себе позволить в этом году
7. We expect … (to leave/leaving) tomorrow. (Мы собираемся уехать завтра.)
8. The sportsmen hope … (to get/getting) the best results. (Спортсмены надеются добиться лучших
9. Are you going to give up … (to smoke/smoking)? (Ты собираешься бросать курить?)
10. I don’t mind … (to wash up/washing up). (Я не против того, чтобы помыть посуду.)
11. Girls, stop … (to giggle/giggling). (Девочки, перестаньте хихикать.)
12. Ben likes … (to play/playing) chess. (Бен любит играть в шахматы.)
13. Lara goes … (to dance/dancing) every weekend. (Лара ходит на танцы каждые выходные.)
14. Harry can’t stand … (to work/working) on Saturdays. (Гарри не выносит работы по субботам.)
II You are considering visiting Universal Studios while travelling to Los Angeles with a group of friends
of yours, and now you’d like to get more information. In 1.5 minutes you are to ask five direct questions
to find out about the following:
1) working hours
2) ticket cost for a group of teenagers
3) discounts on the weekdays
4) chance to meet famous actors
5) getting to Universal Studios by public transportation
II I Complete the sentences with the right preposition
1. 1 Mrs Jacobs is very popular … her students.
2. Helen is very nervous … starting at her new school.
3. You shouldn’t be jealous … other’s people success.
4. Rania is very fond her young niece.
5. I’m quite keen … Maths.
6. She’s good … drawing.
7. Nadia is quite proud … her brother’s sporting achievements.
8. When you buy things online, you pay … credit card.
9 They are very close … their parents.
10 I’m not very patient … stubborn people.
12 The 1906 earthquake left San Francisco … ruins.
IV Form nouns from the words in bold.
1. The ______________ of this building took 20 years from start to finish. construct
2. Before the ____________of the hot air balloon, no human had ever successfully flown into
the air. invent
3. They want to have the opportunity to do some real _____. act
4. Special _____________is used to collect weather data. equip
5. He never seemed to be interested in ____________. educate
6. His success was an remarkable_______. achieve
7. What is your ______________of the performance? Impress
8. We were surprised at the _________in her speech. Differ