Административная контрольная работа по английскому языку 9 класс 1 четверть

Административная контрольная работа за I четверть
9 класс I вариант
I. Прочитайте тексты (1—5), установите соответствия между ними и
вопросами (a—f), отметьте каждый текст соответствующей буквой. В
списке имеется один лишний вопрос.
a) What is mass media?
b) What are the forms and stages of mass media development?
c) What are the basic functions of mass media?
d) What influence does mass media have on people?
e) Why do people need new information?
f) What spheres of our life are mostly influenced by mass media?
1. Mass media provide news or information, entertainment and education. These are
the most significant aspects of the phenomenon which we call mass media. Maybe
the most important aim of mass media is to give news and information to the
population. That’s why the present era is often called the information age.
2. Mass media are the means used to communicate with the general public. It is
aimed at a large audience. It exists in different forms and variations. We can speak
of broadcast media such as television and radio. There are newspapers and
magazines which are print media. The Internet has recently got a mass media status
as well.
3. Have you ever wondered how the latest news and information reached the
population in the past? Some centuries ago people didn’t have radio, television or
the Internet. For a long period of time, the public relied on writers and journa lists
for current events. After newspapers in the 1890s, came the invention of radio, then
television. Now we have the Internet.
4. People want to get information or news for various reasons. On the one hand, they
wish to formulate their own opinion or to make a certain decision. To be able to do
it, they require information.
5. People definitely react to what they see on the screen or hear on the radio. We
can’t help admitting the fact that mass media have a certain impact on people, which
could be positive or negative. It depends on what kind of information is provided to
people and why it is done. In present era of globalization the majority of people
depend on mass media.
II. Впишите соответствующие предлоги из рамки в предложения: at,
by, for, into, off, on, over, to, up, with
1. Don’t shoot _____ the birds.
2. Turn ______ the radio, please. I’m going to bed.
3. ____ their shame, they had to admit they were wrong.
4. Mr Jackson felt that somebody was spying _______ him.
5. Have the rooms been done ______ the cleaners?
6. Alec kept turning ______ in bed. Soon he understood he couldn’t fall asleep.
7. What do the letters BBC stand _____ ?
8. The wooden house is being built _______ axes.
9. At what temperature does ice turn ____ water?
10. I can’t hear what the news presenter is saying. Turn ____ the television, please.
III. Напишите следующие предложения по-английски.
1. Последние новости были неожиданными.
2. Полиция прибыла.
3. Где деньги? — Они на столе.
4. Сведения были ложными.
5. Радио — это средство коммуникации.
IV. Используя суффиксы -al, -less, -ly, -er, -ness, -tion и приставки ir-
, non-, образуйте производные от слов в правой колонке и впишите их в
1. I was surprised at her_________ . RUDE
2. Sarah has never thought Alfred could be so _______. RESPONSIBLE
3. Luke never watches _____s on TV. COMMERCE
4. His _______ behaviour shocked everyone present. SHAME
5. Have you bought a _________ yet? SCAN
6. I haven’t seen the latest screen _______ of Leo Tolstoy’s novel. ADAPT
7. It is _________ what Molly wanted to say. EXACT
8. Rose’s __________ talk irritated the lecturer. STOP
Административная контрольная работа за I четверть
9 класс II вариант
I. Прочитайте тексты (1—5), установите соответствия между ними и
утверждениями (af), отметьте каждый текст соответствующей буквой.
В списке имеется одно лишнее утверждение.
a) Mass media have positive influence on the society.
b) Mass media may have negative influence on young people.
c) Mass media influence the problem of healthy eating.
d) Mass media are responsible for the increase of aggression.
e) Mass media have a great power.
f) Mass media influence the shopping we do.
1. Mass media make billions of dollars advertising different goods. And we are
exposed to such advertisements practically every moment. The result is predictable.
We buy what we are told to buy by the media. After seeing thousands of
advertisements we make our decisions based on what we see on TV.
2.Television is watched by the majority of our population. But what do we often see
on the screen? Too many scenes of violence, people hurting and killing each other.
We can also see a lot of blood, gun shooting etc. Physiologists say that such
programmes provoke the same behaviour in real life. And they are right.
3. Many people say that due to mass media a lot of young people (and not only
young) become interested in many things, such as history, literature. They watch TV
programmes devoted to ecology or read some information on the Net and become
aware of the danger our planet is in. Thus they begin thinking about how to help the
situation and many of them turn into responsible citizens.
4. The media have a huge impact on the society in shaping the public opinion.
Depending on the aim or target that is put before various types of mass media they
are able to manipulate what is called the public opinion, change it in different ways
or simply modify it a bit. The repeated telecast or piece of information on the Internet
can be crucial.
5.The Internet offers undeniable benefits to the new generation. However, using the
Internet unsafely puts teenagers at a very high risk. Boys and girls who spend too
much time online tend to become cyber addicts. Cyber addiction can be as harmful
as addiction to drugs or drinking alcohol. Those who spend unhealthy amounts of
time on the Internet may experience distress, have mental and physical problems.
II. Впишите соответствующие предлоги из рамки в предложения by,
down, for (2), in, of, on (2), to, up
1. You can’t spy _______ all the suspects.
2. His behaviour is a real humiliation _______ the family.
3. It is very noisy in the room. Can’t you turn _____ the sound of the radio? I can’t
4. It was very rude ______her to leave without saying goodbye.
5. What do the letters UK stand ____?
6. Bob knew that the papers had not been signed ______ the head manager.
7. These facts were broadcast _____- television.
8. The main entrance _______- the building is behind the corner.
9. Turn _______he TV-set, please. I can’t hear the words of the song.
10. More details will be given _______ our evening broadcast.
III. Напишите следующие предложения по-английски.
1. Деньги найдены. Они в коробке.
2. Пожалуйста, повторите ваши советы. Они довольно неожиданные.
3. Трудно найти эти сведения.
4. Телевидение — это способ (средство) распространять новости.
5. Ваши советы были хороши.
IV. Используя суффиксы -ly, -en, -er, -ment, -ion и приставки ir-, im-,
образуйте производные от слов в правой колонке и впишите их в
1. The growth of nuclear stations here can ____ the ecology in the area. THREAT
2. The new _____ is out of order. PRINT
3. A short film on television that is intended to persuade people to buy something is
called an ________. ADVERTISE
4. What are the results of your _____ with the athletes? DISCUSS
5. It’s not easy to remember all the forms of the ____ verbs. REGULAR
6. It is _____ to say what will happen to the main character in the end. POSSIBLE
7. Roger believes it’s ____ to kill animals for food. MORAL
8. It is ______ the ring that I wanted to get as a gift. EXACT