Контрольная работа по английскому языку 5 класс за 2 четверть "Spotlight" (В. Эванс. Д. Дули)

Контрольная работа за 2 четверть по
учебнику "Spotlight" (В. Эванс. Д.Дули)
Контрольная работа в 5 классе за 2 четверть
Задание 1. Circle the correct answer.
1. There is / There are four chairs in the kitchen.
2. There is / There are a big beautiful carpet on the floor.
3. There is / There are three paintings on the wall.
4. Are there / Is there a fireplace in the living room?
5. Are there / Is there books in the bookcase?
6. Are there / Is there a lamp on the table?
Задание 2. Cross the odd word out.
1. Carpet-armchair-coffee table-hobby
2. Sink-cooker-fridge-garage
3. Toilet-bath-mirror-garden
4. Bedroom-bathroom-living room-washbasin
5. Furniture-house-block of flats-semi-detached house
Задание 3. Write the opposites.
1. thin-
2. big-
3. short-
4. noisy-
5. fair hair-
6. small nose-
Задание 4. Fill in the gaps with can/ can’t
1. A: …..Helen read well?
B: ……No, she …..
2. A: …..John skate?
B: Yes, he …..
3. A: ……Tom speak French?
B: No, he …..
4. A: …Sue and Mary play basketball?
B: Yes, they ….
5. A: …..Tony and Sam play the guitar?
B: No, they
Задание 5. Circle the correct answer.
1. This is my sister. Look at her / she.
2. Tom is my best friend. I tell he / him everything.
3. My / me grandma is very kind.
4. Mrs Smith is our / us English teacher.
5. Pushkin and Tutchev are my favorite writers. I like their / them poems.
Задание 6. Match the questions to the answers.
1. What’s his name?
2. How old is he?
3. Where is he from?
4. Has he got any sisters or brothers?
5. What’s he like?
a. He’s very funny.
b. Paul.
c. He’s 14.
d. He’s from Australia.
e. Yes, he has got one sister and two brothers.