Презентация "Adverbs of possibility and probability"

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of possibility

and probability

Наречия возможности и вероятности несут в себе ту или иную степень уверенности и часто отображают неопределенные контексты:

certainly (очевидно), indeed (в самом деле), perhaps (вероятно),

probably(вероятно), definitely (определённо, точно), maybe (может быть, наверное)…

Position of adverbs 1. Maybe and perhaps usually come at the beginning of the clause: -Perhaps the weather will be fine. -Maybe it won't rain. 2. Other adverbs of possibility / probability usually come in front of the main verb: -He is certainly coming to the party. -Will they definitely be there? 3. After the present simple or past simple of be: -They are definitely at home. -She was probably very surprised. Position of adverbs 4. Adverbs of possibility/probability go after affirmative auxiliaries (will, would, can…) - They would probably call us tomorrow. - I will definitely appreciate this gift. 5. Adverbs of possibility/probability go before negative auxiliaries (won’t, wouldn’t, can’t…) - He definitely won’t keep the wallet. - She probably can’t think of a better present.

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