Проверочная работа "Общение" 8 класс

Проверочная работа по теме «Общение»
учении___ 8 - _____класса
1. Fill in: colleagues, stubborn, reliable, nervous, acquaintances.
1 .Mary met Olga two days ago at a party. They are just _______________.
2 Andy never listens to me. He is so ___________________!
3 Jake is a very ________________ person. He always helps me.
4 Ann works with my father. They are _____________________.
5 I’m in a new situation that is making me ___________________.
Marks ___/10
2. Fill in the missing word. There are answers you do not need to use.
Fond, accuse, bright, optimistic, dull, host, keen, resolve, opportunity, hug
1. Cindy is a very cheerful person who always looks on the _________ side of life.
2. We always enjoy ourselves when we go to Tom’s parties; he’s an excellent ___________ .
3. When I told Alan the good news, he gave me a big ___________ and a kiss on the cheek.
4. You don’t need to argue. I’m sure there’s a calmer way for you to _________________ your
5. The film we went to see last night was so _______________ that I almost fell asleep at the
Marks ___/10
3. Underline the correct item.
1. The concert is starting/starts at 9:00. Do you want to go to dinner before that?
2. Have you met/Have you been meeting our new neighbours yet? They seem really nice.
3. We are going/will go to the cinema tomorrow night. Why don't you join us?
4. I promise I am helping/will help you with your homework as soon as I can.
5. Nicole and her husband stay/are staying in a nice hotel in the centre of the town.
Marks ___/10